IoT Edge Working Group Produces Edge Native Applications Principles Whitepaper

In edge computing environments, compute, connectivity, storage, and power are all constrained, necessitating new approaches and a new set of edge native principles to develop for these environments. The IOT Edge Working Group has been exploring what it means to be edge native, the similarities and differences between “cloud native” and “edge native”, and is offering an initial set of principles for the industry to interpret, apply, and iterate upon. We landed on the following five broad principles:

We debuted the Edge Native Application Principles Whitepaper draft on Github and on the stage at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022 and incorporated community feedback into this current draft. We hope to evolve the whitepaper over time as well as develop tangential papers as needed to give developers the guidance needed to accelerate development in the edge frontier. We hope that you will read the whitepaper, try out these principles in practice, and to share your feedback with the IOT EDGE working group.

feature image for Edge Native Application Principles whitepaper