CNCF is excited to unveil the updated version of the organization’s immensely popular Cloud Native Ambassadors program. As dedicated community leaders promoting cloud native technologies, CNCF Ambassadors play a critical role in fostering an open and welcoming community for conversation, collaboration, and learning at events, in public spaces, and online.  

For some context, CNCF launched the original Cloud Native Ambassadors program in 2016 with the goal of growing the CNCF community and educating the larger open source community about CNCF projects. Starting with about 15 ambassadors, it quickly grew to 140 ambassadors representing 74 organizations and 30 countries.

We recently announced new requirements and standards for the program to improve its impact on the industry, provide its members with better guidance, more benefits, and further its goals of promoting cloud native technologies and CNCF projects worldwide. 

Aside from the opportunity to network with equally passionate colleagues, the enhanced Cloud Native Ambassadors program will provide significantly more recognition for Ambassador expertise and contributions to the community under the more exclusive program.

Ambassadors also get support, funding, and training from CNCF for hosting events, speaking, creating content, or mentoring others. This includes access to special codes for CNCF events, as well as exclusive benefits, swag, and giveaways. 

Most importantly, CNCF Ambassadors will be able to partner with CNCF staff to gain additional insight and provide input to community initiatives.

Several factors drove the decision to augment this program. 

In particular, in a survey conducted over the summer of 2022, Ambassadors asked for more clarity on the role of the CNCF Ambassador and the expectations for their participation. There was significant uncertainty regarding the role and focus areas of CNCF Ambassadors, along with unclear standards for professional conduct. Furthermore, the pandemic changed the role of many ambassadors who hosted meetups and physical events in their geographies.

In addition, CNCF would like two-way communications between Ambassadors and CNCF staff to flourish and ensure diversity in terms of projects and geography. Finally, CNCF would like to ensure that its Ambassador group is made up of active and fully engaged, contributing members of the CNCF community. 

The Cloud Native Ambassador program is open to applicants over 18 who are: 

Cloud Native Ambassador Program applications will run twice a year for a year-long term. Spring applications are open now through February 26, with the term beginning in March 2023.

More details on the application process and other relevant information are available on the website. We’re looking forward to having new and returning members of the Cloud Native Ambassador program build an even more successful path ahead in creating a more productive CNCF and cloud native community around the world.