By Priyanka Sharma

Our mission at CNCF is to make cloud native ubiquitous, and we are well on the way to achieving this. Security is one of the most important and fast-growing areas in the ecosystem but is equally one of the most challenging. By dedicating ourselves, as a global community, to uplevelling and innovating our security posture, we are going to achieve our mission and redefine the way software is built. This is why I hope you’ll be joining us at CloudNativeSecurityCon North America, February 1-2.

Our 2022 Annual Survey (which will be published in January) revealed Kubernetes is either being used in production or evaluated by 82% of respondents. However, those respondents also shared that security is one of their biggest challenges in using and deploying containers – in fact, of those using containers for nearly all applications and business segments, 40% reported security was their number one concern. We only have to look at last year’s Log4j vulnerabilities, which are still causing issues to this day, as one of the many reasons why developers are feeling the pressure around security mounting.

With growth and ubiquity, come challenges, and this is why we are gathering the cloud native community for CloudNativeSecurityCon North America – a first-of-its-kind event, held this year in Seattle, where developers and security experts will come together to build expertise in practical, everyday security needs to advance orgainzations’ security posture. 

Over two days at CNSC, #TeamCloudNative will gather to address security challenges and opportunities. We’re not just going to propose solutions that improve the status quo, but we give room to cutting edge projects and advances in modern security approaches. This is the place where we, as a global community of developers, will tackle the issues of security. This is where we will create solutions.

It is my hope that by coming together at CNSC, meeting others who are facing similar challenges, and learning from security experts, we can work together to solve technical security issues for the entire ecosystem. I look forward to seeing you in Seattle this February 1-2. 

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Keynotes will be livestreamed from 8:55-10:30 AM PST on both February 1 and 2. Complimentary keynote livestream registration will be available in January.