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After an amazing KubeCon North America 2022 in Detroit, MI, the LitmusChaos community has a lot to share and is back with another edition of monthly updates from the LitmusChaos community. With the growth of the Chaos Engineering community as well as the LitmusChaos community, we appreciate this massive participation and immense engagement and strive for the community to prosper and contribute back to its development.

This article is written to share monthly updates with the community from October 2022 to update the community on the latest happenings and updates around the LitmusChaos project.

About LitmusChaos

LitmusChaos is a dynamic open source chaos engineering platform that enables teams to identify weaknesses and potential outages in infrastructures by inducing chaos engineering tests/experiments in a controlled manner. LitmusChaos is driven by the principles of Cloud-Native innovation and gave rise to the principles of Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering. Chaos engineering verifies the resilience of business services and helps DevOps pipelines proactively build code that is more resilient against software and infrastructure faults.
The LitmusChaos project was started in late  2017 to provide simple chaos jobs in Kubernetes. It became a CNCF sandbox project in 2020 and was promoted as a CNCF incubating project in January 2022. Today, it has maintainers from 5 different organizations across cloud-native vendors, solution providers, and end-users. 

The project is used in production by more than 30 organizations, including large end-users like Adidas, FIS, iFood, Cyren, Intuit, Lenskart, Orange, and more as well as technology organizations like Red Hat and VMware. 



LitmusChaos Releases 2.14.0

LitmusChaos version 2.13.0 was released on the 15th of October with some great new updates to the core components, the chaos center, and the Litmusctl.

Release Notes (2.14.0)

Core Component Updates –

ChaosCenter Updates –


Thanks to our existing and new contributors for this release

@asashiskumarnaik @chinmaym07 @SaptarshiSarkar12 @amityt @avaakash @imrajdas @ispeakc0de @Jonsy13 @neelanjan00 @uditgaurav


Litmus-2.14.0 (Stable) cluster scope manifest

kubectl apply -f


Litmus-2.14.0 (Stable) namespace scope manifest.

#Create a namespace eg: litmus

kubectl create ns litmus

#Install CRDs, if SELF_AGENT env is set to TRUE

kubectl apply -f

#Install ChaosCenter

kubectl apply -f -n litmus

Upgrading from 2.13.0 to 2.14.0

kubectl apply -f

Latest from the LitmusChaos Community

Community Content: 

As the community continues to grow, so does the content. Over the month the community members have created some amazing and exciting content to uplift the presence of LitmusChaos on the Cloud Native map. Check out all the latest content curated by the community for the community:

CNCF Blogs:

The major announcement from October waas around LitmusChaos 3.0 Beta. LitmusChaos maintainers have announced the plan for development of the next major release – Litmus 3.0. The project team is now encouraging reviews, contributions and feedback around this Beta release. The Litmus 3.0 will have a new UI console that is completely renewed and improved UX for creating new experiments more intuitively.

Read more here:

Here are our monthly updates from September 2022, Check out the LitmusChaos September update blog: 

Chaos Engineering Meetup:

After not having a Chaos Engineering Meetup in October due to KubeCon NA, the LitmusChaos Community is excited to host an in-person Chaos Engineering meetup for the very first time post covid-19 in Bangalore at the Bangalore office which covers a packed agenda on various usecases, running a gameday using Litmus and so much more.

If you are in Bangalore, then don’t forget to join the Chaos Engineering Meetup.

When: 26th of November,2022

Time: 9 AM IST to 1 PM IST


Indiqube Qrion, Ground Floor

24th Main Rd, Agara Village, 1st Sector, HSR Layout Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Check out more information on the meetup alongside the detailed agenda here:

Community Meeting:

The LitmusChaos Community meetings continue as a monthly cadence call to discuss the latest updates, happenings, and questions from the community. They are hosted every 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Check out the latest from our last community meeting held on October 19th. The call started off with a detailed release notes run-through by LitmusChaos maintainer Shubham Chaudhary followed by a quick community roundup on the latest community updates by community leader Prithvi Raj and eventually concluded with an open floor Q&A where the community shared their user stories, and also listed down some important questions to move ahead in their journey.

Check out the recording of the meeting:

LitmusChaos-Community-Sync-up- October 2022| Open Source Chaos Engineering |


Community members launched a KubeCon NA playlist featuring two insightful videos which covered the LitmusChaos SDK & a demo on the Online Boutique Sample application which made October a month full of amazing videos which turned out to be really informative and useful to the community. 

UseCase: Create a pod cpu stress experiment, which execs inside the target pod and run md5sum command

LitmusChaos SDK Demo

LitmusChaos Demo on Online Boutique Sample Application

Time for some Chaos!!

The last video in the video series includes LitmusChaos maintainer Uma Mukkara (Head of Chaos Engineering, Harness) joining Performance Engineering expert and popular podcast host Scott Moore on a quick chat at KubeCon NA around how chaos engineering is being received at KubeCon. How and when should a company begin introducing the chaos concepts into their organization? Find out in this episode:

KubeCon 2022: Litmus Chaos

In the end…

There is a lot that happened in the month of October, especially with the Chaos Day co-located event at KubeCon NA as well as the various talks and community interest at KubeCon NA this year. All of this will be featured in another blog which will be specific to the LitmusChaos experience at KubeCon NA 2022.

The LitmusChaos community continues to grow with amazing contributions (issues, suggestions, PRs) from the community and looks forward to more members joining in and contributing to the growth of the project.

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