By Audra Montenegro

This year, eight regions around the globe have hosted a Kubernetes Community Day (KCD), and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is excited to have welcomed new regions to the roster. These community run events are essential for our ecosystem. They provide education, collaboration, networking, and an opportunity to empower the community with event planning skills. But we know that there’s room for improvement. This blog post shares some updates to the program aimed at improving our diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Diversity standards are a cornerstone of CNCF values. In 2022, KCDs have an average of 19% non-male speakers across the program’s overall line-up. It’s a start, but ‘a start’ isn’t good enough for us. Some KCDs have reached far lower numbers which are not representative of the diversity in the community and signal the need for program changes to meet those goals.

What does diversity mean to us? Education and collaboration are vital to the future of the CNCF ecosystem and it is imperative to us that everyone in the community that wants to participate feels welcome to do so regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, dis/ability, race, ethnicity, age, religion, or economic status. We are working to collect different demographics within the KCD program to better track our progress in improving diversity, but we always give people the option to “decline to state”.

This year, we have implemented additional measures to better support our KCD communities and organizers during their programming process. Below are the changes we made thus far:

Moving forward we will continuously work on new processes and solutions as the program grows, so we appreciate any feedback to be shared directly to We thank you in advance for supporting a solution-oriented mindset to allow the continued growth of the new Kubernetes Community Day program in regions around the world. Let’s go far together.