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In 2020, the Security Technical Advisory Group (TAG) within the CNCF published the initial version of a whitepaper outlining the lifecycle and landscape for cloud native security. The first revision of the whitepaper Cloud Native Security Whitepaper v2 is already available at Do you need a refresher on the Cloud Native Security 1.0 before going through 2.0?  Then you are in luck!  A group of regular Security TAG contributors have recorded the 1.0 whitepaper and produced an audiobook so you can learn on the go. The voices on these recordings have been lent to us by active CNCF TAG Security group participants and experts in the industry.  We are proud of this effort to further the accessibility of knowledge in the open source and security communities.

The audiobook is available here.

Audio Contributors

Alex Floyd Marshall (@alexp_marshall)

Ash Narkar (@ashutosh-narkar)

Chase Pettet

Emily Fox (@theFoxAtWork)

Justin Cormack (@justincormack)

Liz Rice (@lizrice)

Magno Logan (@magnologan)

Pushkar Joglekar (@PuDiJoglekar)

Ragashree M C (@ragashreeshekar)

Rory McCune (@raesene)

Sarah Allen (@ultrasaurus)

Sarah Young

Daniel Wessels 

Whitepaper 1.0 Contributors

Aradhna Chetal (@chetal)

Andrew Martin (@sublimino)

Brandon Lum (@lumjjb)

Chase Pettet 

Emily Fox (@theFoxAtWork)

J Jeyappragash (@pragashjj)

Jeff Lombardo (identitymonk)

Venkat Raghavan


@Rowan Baker


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