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The Chaos Engineering community is growing exponentially day by day and the LitmusChaos community is grateful to be receiving massive participation and immense engagement in recent times to help the Chaos Engineering community prosper and contribute back to its development.

We have decided to share monthly updates with the community from June 2022 onwards to update the community on the latest happenings and updates around the LitmusChaos project.

About LitmusChaos

LitmusChaos is a dynamic open source chaos engineering platform that enables teams to identify weaknesses and potential outages in infrastructures by inducing chaos engineering tests/experiments in a controlled manner. LitmusChaos is driven by the principles of Cloud-Native innovation and gave rise to the principles of Cloud-Native Chaos Engineering. Chaos engineering verifies the resilience of business services and helps DevOps pipelines proactively build code that is more resilient against software and infrastructure faults.
The LitmusChaos project was started in late  2017 to provide simple chaos jobs in Kubernetes. It became a CNCF sandbox project in 2020 and was promoted as a CNCF incubating project in January 2022. Today, it has maintainers from 5 different organizations across cloud-native vendors, solution providers, and end-users. 

The project is used in production by more than 30 organizations, including large end-users like Adidas, FIS, iFood, Cyren, Intuit, Lenskart, Orange, and more as well as technology organizations like Red Hat and VMware. 



LitmusChaos Releases 2.10.0

LitmusChaos version 2.10.0 was released on the 15th of June with some amazing new updates to the core components, the chaos center, and the Litmusctl.

The community is excited about the addition of “http” chaos experiments. The first one to be added is the Pod-http-latency experiment.

Pod-http-latency contains chaos to disrupt http requests of Kubernetes pods. This experiment can inject random http response delays on the app replica pods.

Further, in the upcoming releases, we are looking forward to the addition of the following http chaos experiments:

Some notable additions also include the release of the first beta version of the LitmusChaos m-agent which will help curate chaos for Non-Kubernetes targets, refactoring the GraphQL server, and added Envoy proxy support, new litmusctl commands and much more.

Check out the release notes for deeper details on the release:

Release Notes (2.10.0)

Core Component Updates –

ChaosCenter Updates –

Litmusctl Updates:


– For using newly added commands, users will have to download the v0.11.0 version of litmusctl.

– litmusctl v0.11.0 only supports litmus v2.10.0 or higher versions

New Contributors

Latest from the LitmusChaos Community

Community Adopters –

Adoption is the key to any community’s success in the open source ecosystem. The LitmusChaos community is stoked to have added two formal adopters in Adidas and Cyren in the month of June. 

Check out the Adidas story here:

“Chaos Engineering is an awesome method to train engineers the cloud-native principles and boost their confidence while responding to production failures.”

Eran Levy (Engineering Leader, Cyren)

Cyren chose LitmusChaos to run chaos experiments and build confidence in their infrastructure while taking care of real production incidents. Eran Levy, Engineering Leader at Cyren authored this insightful blog to share Cyren’s Chaos Engineering journey with LitmusChaos:

Community Content –

A lot of amazing community content to cherish for the LitmusChaos lovers. Check out all the latest content curated by the community for the community:

LitmusChaos was at KubeCon EU 2022, Check out the highlights from LitmusChaos at KubeCon EU ‘22:

LitmusChaos maintainer Karthik S joined AWS Containers from the Couch to inculcate a getting started guide for new users pursuing LitmusChaos.

Check out this latest episode:

The LitmusChaos Community meetings continue as a monthly cadence call to discuss the latest updates, happenings, and questions from the community. They are hosted every 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Check out the latest from our last community meeting held on June 15th:

LitmusChaos Community Member NaveenKumar Namachivayam aka QAInsights has created an amazing series of blogs and videos on LitmusChaos that give you access to a whole new world of ideas and content on LitmusChaos. Check out here:


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In the end…

The LitmusChaos community continues to grow with amazing contributions (issues, suggestions, PRs) from the community and looks forward to more members joining in and contributing to the growth of the project.

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