CNCF announced today that the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) has approved the archiving of the OpenTracing project. Archived projects are fairly rare but a sign of a healthy open source community. OpenTracing is only the second project to be archived after rkt.

Archiving OpenTracing was always the project maintainers intention following the merger of OpenTracing & OpenCensus into OpenTelemetry. As OpenTelemetry has reached incubation, OpenTracing is proposed as an archived project as the previous iteration of OpenTelemetry, which should help avoid any end user confusion. 

Once a project is archived:

Any project that has been archived can be brought back into CNCF through the normal project proposal process. The archived project will be hosted under the Linux Foundation and maintainers are welcome to continue working on the project if they wish to do so.

The CNCF TOC would like to thank the OpenTracing project maintainers and contributors for the important part they have played in the development and evolution of cloud native technology, especially in the space of observability.
Learn more about the CNCF archiving process.