Project post by Tamao Nakahara, Head of Developer Experience, Weaveworks and Flux community manager

On October 20, 6 major vendors are joining to demonstrate their backing of a major CNCF project – Flux.

Top Cloud and GitOps vendors – Microsoft, Amazon, VMware, D2iQ, Weaveworks, and Red Hat – all trust CNCF Flux to deliver GitOps to their enterprise customers.

We’ve heard how major companies such as Alibaba, State Farm, and Deutsche Telekom have shared their success using Flux. There are new adopters everyday who add themselves to the list of happy Flux users and share their love for Flux, the most recent being the U.S. Department of Defense.

Flux’s success is at another level now as the CTOs, GMs, and others will attest on October 20 of how they trust Flux to deliver GitOps to their end customers. Many of the customers of these vendors simply want GitOps to work and they may not be opinionated about what is under the hood. So it’s important for companies such as Amazon, D2iQ, Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware, and Weaveworks to use a trusted CNCF technology that will help them deliver enterprise-level quality, security, and reliability.

For practitioners and customers looking to move forward with GitOps, the event will be a showcase of enterprise offerings to make the next step easier:

Brendan Burns (Kubernetes co-creator) and Ihor Dvoretskyi(CNCF Developer Advocate) will be on stage as well to celebrate this momentous event of a CNCF project that is also swiftly completing the steps toward graduation.

For long-time Flux fans, the latest technological updates are part of why they have trusted Flux for its security and reliability, and how the project helps with velocity, time and money savings, and more. Here are some recent highlights from the Flux project:  

Because of this, the Flux community continues to grow in terms of users, contributors, and maintainers. Hear from some of its greatest supporters on October 20 at