CNCF is home to some of the most critical open source software infrastructure technologies in the world. It is our goal to ensure the stability, dependability, and credibility of our projects for their users. The projects we host, just like open source everywhere, depend on the donations of time and resources from individuals and companies to succeed. These resources can range from marketing and operations, improving documentation, establishing a governance structure, to access to infrastructure resources. Today we are announcing a new program to support our projects’ infrastructure needs.

Inspired by the generous donations by companies like Equinix Metal, Google, AWS, and GitHub, CNCF has created the Cloud Credits program to make it easy for participating companies to donate infrastructure resources to our projects. Their donations can be in the form of credits or cash. The projects on their end will benefit from a public, self-service, and automated process to access the cloud infrastructure they need. The program is focused on the mutual success of projects and participating companies. 

“CNCF hosts some of the most essential open source technologies in the world and it behooves our ecosystem to ensure their dependability and longevity,” said Priyanka Sharma,  general manager of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “We’re excited to create a space for industry collaboration in how we fund our projects’ needs to further the interests of all parties involved.”

This program relieves CNCF projects from concerns around infrastructure needs so they can focus on building, maintaining, and securing features essential for their end users. In disbursing these credits, priority will be given to Graduated and Incubating Projects. CNCF will help ensure fair distribution so our projects are empowered, successful, and able to contribute to the wider cloud native ecosystem.

CNCF provides a neutral home for open source developers to build, test, deploy, and grow their projects – all amongst an ecosystem of enterprises, startups, and independent developers who collaborate, contribute and often become project committers. Without these cloud credit donations, it would be impossible to support our rapidly growing number of incubating and graduated CNCF projects. We welcome donations from you to help in this endeavor.

Providers can sponsor cloud credits by choosing their donation level and filling out a form at