We are excited to announce another amazing line up of CNCF projects that will be participating in the Fall Term of LFX – offering full-time, three month internships starting in September. LFX is a platform that enables organizations to offer paid internships and mentorships to developers interested in getting involved in open source projects.

12 Graduated, Incubating, and Sandbox projects will be participating with 30 project ideas available for mentees to work on. 

If you are interested in working on one of the below projects (also on GitHub), you can apply directly on the LFX platform by August 22nd.     

Mentees will be contacted about the outcome of their application by August 31st

Feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions or in the #mentoring channel on the CNCF Slack


Visit the LFX Platform to apply to one of the below CNCF projects


Improvements to Cluster API provider for GCP (CAPG)

Improve SIG-Node testing using Kubetest2

Kubernetes Policy Working Group (WG)

The Kubernetes policy working group focuses on developing tools and solutions that make Kubernetes secure and easier to use.

KubeArmor support for Policy Report CRD


Add complete parsing support for MySQL constructs

Add support for comparing strings using collations and character-sets

Add support for Upgrade/Downgrade Testing


Scalability testing for Kyverno

Extend Kyverno test command to cover generate policies & improve test coverage

Security model and processes for Kyverno

Chaos Mesh

Monitoring Metrics about Chaos Mesh


Integration with developing time to provide consistent experience

Building An Machine Learning Platform on KubeVela

Support remote Terraform HCL (Git repo or ConfigMap) in Terraform Controller

Build GitOps continuous deployment tools on kubevela


Support WASI-Crypto proposal

Support Wasm-Signature proposal

Support WASI-NN proposal

Support Wasm-C-API proposal


Develop E2E dashboard with CI/CD pipeline details and enhance litmus e2e website

Develop/Enhance E2E test-cases for ChaosCenter


Solidify and generalize error handling code in the runtime

AWS (S3) connectors


Add groupcache (and improve) backend for the caching bucket in Thanos Store

Migrate Thanos to the New Protocol Buffers v2 API

Add metrics to track the progress for compaction and downsampling


Etcd.io Docs/SEO Improvement Plan Continuation


Update Builder implementation to 0.1 Builder Spec

Web Redesign of Feature Comparison


A Kubernetes operator to remove stale PVs of failed statefulset replicas

Enhance OpenEBS CLI with a sub-command to upgrade Jiva Volumes