A few months ago we performed a User Experience (UX) review of the CNCF website.  Over the last few years, more and more content had been bolted on to the site without an overarching plan. Additionally, during that time, the needs of the community have grown and changed.

After an initial round of interviews with CNCF staff members and people in the community, we came up with a proposal to help our site better serve the cloud native community. So far the following has been implemented:

  1. A simplified and reorganized top navigation – our hope is that navigating the site will be more intuitive and enjoyable, allowing people to find what they’re looking for more quickly.
  2. A redesign of the homepage – the new homepage is designed to better reflect the dynamism and humanity of the cloud native community. More to come soon as we add community spotlights and iterate on the design.
  3. Clear calls to action for the different user types on the homepage – rather than trying to satisfy everyone with one page, the homepage now redirects our various types of community members to appropriate landing pages tailored to their needs.

And we have a lot more planned:

  1. An end user hub – we are creating a new end user section featuring content and updates curated for end users.
  2. A style guide – now that we’ve implemented a new design for the site, we can distill it into a style guide and apply it to CNCF emails and reports to create a consistent recognizable brand.
  3. Streamlined end user member signups – we are building a faster signup process that accepts credit cards for payment.
  4. Full content review – we have just hired a new content manager to do a thorough review and rewrite of all website content.

Throughout all of this we are committed to keeping the site as fast and accessible as possible to make it a joy to visit for everyone. Here are our current scores on web.dev:

CNCF current scores on web.dev, 96 on Performance, 97 on Accessibility, 93 on Best Practices, and 100 on SEO

Please report any issues in our GitHub repo and let us know of any other suggestions for taking the CNCF website to the next level.