Guest post from the Argo Maintainers

We are very excited and proud to announce the latest major release in the Argo family of projects: Argo CD 2.0!, the first major release in over a year. 

This release of Argo CD builds on the rapid success and adoption the project has achieved in a short time and brings a slew of additional features and capabilities to anyone looking at GitOps style continuous deployment. 

In just a couple of years, Argo CD has attracted close to 2000 contributors, 5000+ stars on GitHub, and a user community giving it an amazing NPS of 68 in the last user survey.

The project has over 100 public references across the world in different verticals, with many more in evaluation or roll-out phases.

Major Enhancements In This Release

2.0 brings a wealth of innovation and enhancements to an already feature-rich project,with exciting features from both the Argo Labs ecosystem as well as updates to CD core capabilities.

A rich notifications framework

Getting timely notifications when something completes, or goes wrong, has always been a critical piece of any automation and many organizations rely on integrations with tools like slack, or even email. Using the notification framework with 2.0, Argo CD can now support those integrations and even takes it a step further with webhooks, enabling an even richer set of triggers and integrations.

Cross-cluster application management with application sets

The introduction of application sets provides powerful features for managing and deploying applications across multiple clusters. It enables cluster operators to install add-ons into clusters, or even a customized one into a subset of clusters. Application developers can use this to deploy their application with different configurations to different clusters, while keeping all manifests in a single repository.   

Repository monitoring with image updater

Updating images and image tags in Git can be a trivial but time consuming task for developers every time a new application image is created and breaks the GitOps pattern of automation.  By using the new image updater ecosystem feature that supports integration with popular image repositories like Docker Hub, Quay or GitHUb Container registry, these tags can now be automatically updated, saving developers time and reducing the risk for simple errors. 

Better UI visibility for large applications with pod view

The UI is a very popular feature with Argo users and in 2.0 a new view, pod view, was introduced to make it easier to get an overview of the pods in an application. This is especially useful for large applications with hundreds of pods and allows users to use group by function to quickly see status and behavior of their pods. 

Enhanced log viewing capabilities

Even the best written application can run into issues and to make it easier and faster to troubleshoot, several enhancements were introduced for the release. The already powerful log viewing now supports additional capabilities like pagination and filtering.  

Additional Changes and Enhancements.

More details on all enhancements included in this release can be found in the release blog.


A large number of people and companies contributed time and resources to this release and it wouldnt have been possible without the support from this rapidly growing community. Extra kudos to Intuit, Red Hat and Codefresh, who had significant involvement in making this release happen.