Today we are excited to share the etcd Project Journey Report! CNCF Project Journey Reports look at our graduated projects and assess the community’s impact on project growth since joining.

etcd is a key-value store for distributed systems that provides a way for applications of any complexity — from a simple web app to Kubernetes — to store and access critical data. etcd joined CNCF in 2018 and remained in incubation for two years before graduating last November. 

Born at CoreOS — now part of Red Hat — etcd offers consistency guarantees. It can tolerate machine failures even in the leader node and watch specific keys or directories for changes and react, enabling applications to reconfigure themselves accordingly. It is the primary data store for Kubernetes. 

Some of the highlights of the report include:

  • Company contributions – The total number of companies contributing code has increased by 33% since etcd joined CNCF, from 450 to over 600. 
  • Development velocity – etcd has enjoyed a 66.8% expansion of individual contributors adding 1,741 new contributors over the two years since the project joined CNCF. 
  • Geographic expansion – The geographic diversity of contributions expanded from 12 countries in the first year as a CNCF project to 26 during the second year. 

Etcd has reached some impressive growth milestones since joining the community, and we can’t wait to see what the project continues to accomplish! Have a look at the full etcd Project Journey Report to learn more about these accomplishments in more detail.