Container Garage

In an effort to foster close collaboration in the cloud native community and offer more information-sharing opportunities, CNCF and Docker have partnered on an experiment called “Container Garage” – bridging two communities with a community-led event series that will cover containers (obviously!) and focus on a specific theme for each event like runtime, images, security, and more. 

Docker Captains and CNCF Ambassadors will be spearheading the planning and execution of Container Garage’s events, which will include recruiting speakers for engaging talks, demos, and live panels. 

The first event will be held on April 1st on the topic of container runtimes. The event will run five hours and structured as below:

2pm – 4pm CET : Talks & Demos

4pm – 4:15 CET : Break

4:15pm – 5pm CET : Live panel discussion

5pm – 5:15 : Break

5pm – 7pm CET : Talks & Demos 

You can register for free and see the final agenda on the Container Garage event page. Please join us for this experiment and if things go well, we will consider doing more of these type of activities

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ping @idvoretskyi (CNCF) or @williamquiviger (Docker) on the CNCF Slack.