In this latest round of LFX mentorships funded by the CNCF, 14 interns have successfully passed the program! 11 CNCF Graduated, Incubating and Sandbox projects participated in the program this quarter including Chaos Mesh, Kubernetes, KubeEdge, Thanos and TiKV. The LFX platform is the expansion of the former CommunityBridge program, aimed at providing even more support for the open source ecosystem. 

“One of the best ways to cultivate an open source community is by mentoring new contributors,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “We are really pleased to continue funding this program to pair CNCF projects with mentees that both help advance the project and introduce developers to the cloud native community.” 

Additional details on the CNCF projects, mentors, and students who successfully completed the program can be found below and on GitHub

Chaos Mesh

My project is about making a CTL tool to print Chaos Mesh debug info, so community maintainers could better get the info they need.

Mentee: Shuyang Wu

Mentor: Keao Yang

“It’s so great that the community gave me so much support during the program, no matter code review, or new feature suggested. Especially I’m willing to thank my mentor Keao who seems know everything I asked about! I indeed learned a lot about chaos engineering and kubernetes in the program. And It’s so great to be elected as Chaos Mesh committer. I am right now and would willing to contribute more to the community after Community Bridge! Thanks again to CNCF for this program!”


Keptn CLI to support multiple contexts like KUBECONFIG

Ankit Jain

Mentee: Ankit Jain, DevOps Engineer at Razorpay

Mentor: Jürgen Etzlstorfer, Johannes Bräuer, Christian Kreuzberger

“It was a great learning experience for me to work with the Keptn Community. Mentors were so helpful and encouraging. The mentors asked me to write the doc on the “Project Timeline & Implementation Plan” which helped me to align my tasks in an efficient way and to manage my time accordingly. I really appreciate my mentors and recommend others to participate in this program and recommend Keptn to new mentees.” 


Implement an apiserver-lite to support list-watch from edgecore for applications on the edge

Mentee: Xinyue (Rachel) Shao

Mentor: Zefeng Wang, Fisher Xu

“This program had greatly enhanced my knowledge of kubeedge. It provided a good opportunity for me to go deep into the development of open source projects. I am very grateful to my mentors and peers for their help, and I hope this program can Keep going.”


Add EdgeGateway as the ingress gateway on Edge

Mentee: Zhiling Feng, postgraduate student from Zhejiang University

Mentor: Fei Xu

“This opportunity to participate in Community Bridge is very precious, so I cherish and work hard to study and complete the tasks assigned by mentor. Through this project experience, my understanding of KubeEdge has become more profound. Thanks to the CNCF community’s support and my mentor’s patient guidance to keep me growing. As a newcomer to the open source and cloud native communities, I will continue to work hard to make my own contribution to cloud native.”


Jinyong Mao

Mentee: Jinyong Mao, graduate student in the SEL Lab at Zhejiang University

Mentor: Fei Xu

“It is a great pleasure to participate in the Community Bridge program. Through this project, I became more familiar with KubeEdge as well as Kubernetes. Besides, I realized that edge computing is the future and I will devote myself to edge computing.”


Kubernetes working group for CSI driver

Mayank Shah

Mentee: Mayank Shah, student, Vellore Institute of Technology

Mentor: Andy Zhang

“Becoming a Kubernetes contributor has been one of my goals for a long time, and Community Bridge (LFX Mentorship) provided a platform for me to achieve this. This mentorship program has helped me grow as a software engineer, and the experience has been absolutely delightful.” 


Create Application for Elections Authenticated by External Oauth

Manish Sahani

Mentee: Manish Sahani, student, Delhi Technological University

Mentor: Josh Berkus, Sergey Kanzhelev, Marky Jackson

“The program was exactly what every budding engineer need – learning about tech and interacting with some of the open-source community’s best minds, taking ownerships, etc. All the mentors were fun to work with, and it was a great experience to be part of this program.”

Open Service Mesh

Support for WebAssembly filters. Responsible for Osm wasm extensibility as well as its SMI compatibility to be integrated in the Meshery project

Kush Trivedi

Mentee: Kush Trivedi

Mentor: Lee Calcote

“It has been a great opportunity for me to join osm project, with a great mentor like Lee Calcote I was able to achieve new heights in terms of my coding skills, as well as my communication skills. Community Bridge program has been really grateful for me to join.”

Opentelemetry C++

ETW exporter

Mishal Shah

Mentee: Mishal Shah, Software Engineer at Cisco

Mentor: Max Golovanov


Add various post-processing steps in query API after PromQL execution

Gayathri Venkatesh

Mentee: Gayathri Venkatesh, student, International Institute of Information Technology – Bangalore
Mentor: Bartek Plotka, Ganesh Vernekar

“CommunityBridge has been a wonderful learning experience for me. From the day I applied to the projects till the very last day of my mentorship, the program has been exceptionally well organized. My mentors were super flexible and supportive, and were always willing to help me out with any blockers I had. I was given enough time to learn and understand my task, and was always involved in decisions that were made regarding the same. I felt very welcome and encouraged in the community. Looking forward to continue contributing to Prometheus and staying involved with the CNCF family :)”


Receive: Hashring Update Improvements

TSS Chandana

Mentee: TSS Chandana, student, National Institute of Technology Karnataka

Mentor: Lucas Servén Marín, Frederic Branczyk

“I was a part of the Thanos project. My work was to split the receiver component according to its functionalities. As a part of this program, I learnt the Go programming language and also concepts related to writing clean, reusable and modular code. I had weekly update meets with my mentors. My mentors were always ready to set up meets in between these weekly updates to teach new concepts and clarify my doubts. I have also learnt about how to contribute to open source, benefits of open source and also using git efficiently. Overall I had a great learning experience and I’m thankful to my mentors and the Community Bridge platform.”


Worked on a set of components that can be composed into a highly available metric system with unlimited storage capacity, which can be added seamlessly on top of existing Prometheus deployments. Implemented features, context & actions to increase observability & control for BlockViewer. Also wrote some blogs on Prometheus and Thanos architecture.

Kunal Kushwaha

Mentee: Kunal Kushwaha, student, Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Technology

Mentor: Prem, Bartek

“It was a great experience working with the community. My main motivation to apply for this program was to get involved in the CNCF ecosystem and I plan on continuing my contributions even after the program is over. The open source community has helped me a lot in getting real world software development experience. I want to thank my mentors for their support and guidance and also to the entire Community Bridge team for providing this platform to students.”


Support ENUM / SET push down for TiKV Coprocessor. Coprocessor is a TiKV component to handle predicate push down. This task is to add `ENUM` and `SET` data type to it, so that the performance can be improved in scenarios that involve with these two data types.

Mentee: Hao Ding, Senior Storage R&D Engineer, Yunify

Mentor: Chi Zhang

“Working on the TiKV project with the community was a great experience: friendly guidance, timely feedback, a great improvement in my Rust skills, a deeper understanding of Rust’s type system and macros, and a lot of benefit from the small performance optimizations that the maintainers suggested. In addition, the maintainers have shown me what good code is with their consistently high standards, and I think that’s probably the most rewarding part of working on this project.”


Implement hierarchy queue to better support fair-share

Wangqian Qian

Mentee: Wangqian Qian, masters student at Zhejiang University
Mentor: Lei Wu, Leibo Wang

“I learned a lot from my Community Bridge project. Not only did I strengthen my skills related to Go and Kubernetes and deepen my understanding of Volcano, but I also broadened my mind from community discussions.”