Guest post by Nikla Lazzari, Kiratech

Somewhere in the world it’s always lunchtime, so if you are hungry, we’ve got something for you!

From Italy comes Kubepasta, a drawn in bronze (which is one the best manufacturing techniques, we know something about it), durum wheat pasta in the shape of the Kubernetes logo that brings the most popular open-source software to your table.

In addition to being good and tasty (we, the Kiratech Team, tried it and it was delicious), it also does good: in fact, the proceeds will be donated to support a good cause, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Diversity Scholarship Program.

This program encourages participation in the conferences organized by CNCF by giving economic support to people who haven’t found the rightful representation they deserve in the tech and open source communities.

In a community, every contribution, idea, project, and person is valuable and it is therefore important that everyone that wants to participate feels welcome to do so without thinking of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, age, religion, economic status.

We sincerely believe that the CNCF community provides the fertile ground that allows people from around the world to train and educate themselves, to brainstorm and to share knowledge. 

This is why we want to contribute with our little project, the Kubepasta: do you want to join us? The pasta will be soon available in our e-commerce!

Meanwhile, here’s an easy and famous recipe that you could try to impress your guests once you’ve received the KubePasta.

Stay tuned, take care and Merry Christmas!