Today we are very excited to release our Project Journey Report for Vitess. This is the seventh such report we have issued for one of our graduated projects. 

Vitess is a cloud native database system. Originally created as an internal solution by YouTube to handle scaling for massive amounts of storage, Vitess is a database solution for deploying, scaling and managing large clusters of open-source database instances. The project was started internally at YouTube in 2010 and was donated to CNCF in February 2018. 

This report attempts to objectively assess the state of the Vitess project and how CNCF has impacted the progress and growth of Vitess. 

Some of the highlights of the report include:

  • Company contributions – The total number of companies contributing code has increased by 40% since Vitess joined CNCF, from 55 to 77.
  • Development velocity – Vitess has enjoyed 78% expansion of individual contributors over the two years since the project joined CNCF.
  • Project documentation – The number of documentation commits has increased by 114% since Vitess joined CNCF (in February 2018).

In November 2020, the project celebrated its one year graduation anniversary  and continues to show rapid growth. We are excited to see continued success for Vitess and invite you to read the report to learn more about the project’s growth.