Introduction to Service Mesh with Linkerd is the newest training course from CNCF and The Linux Foundation. This course, offered on the non-profit edX learning platform, can be audited by anyone at no cost. The course is designed for site reliability engineers, DevOps professionals, cluster administrators, and developers who want to learn more about service mesh and Linkerd, the open source service mesh hosted by CNCF and focused on simplicity, speed, and low resource usage.

The course delves into what a service mesh is, what it is good for, and how it relates to the rest of the cloud native ecosystem. Topics covered include how to use Linkerd to deliver on the service mesh value propositions of security, reliability, and observability to Kubernetes applications. Upon completion, students should have gained the practical knowledge that they need to confidently run Linkerd in a production environment.

It is recommended before enrolling that students understand the core Kubernetes resource types and be comfortable reading and writing YAML. In addition, students should know how to work in a Linux terminal environment and run a Kubernetes cluster on their computer or in the cloud. It is also useful to be familiar with building container images and running them in Kubernetes using kubectl. Many of these skills can be gained by taking other free courses including Introduction to Linux, Introduction to Kubernetes, and Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies

The course is available for immediate enrollment. Those requiring a verified certificate of completion may upgrade their enrollment for $149. Start gaining skills in service mesh today!