Cross-post from Helm’s blog

Back in 2019, when the Helm v2 support timeline and end of life plan was announced, the deprecation of the helm/charts GitHub repository was announced, as well. The primary reason for the deprecation is the significant increase in upkeep for the repo maintainers. Over the last couple of years the number of charts under maintainance increased from ~100 to 300+ causing a commensurate increase in pull requests and updates to the repo. Unfortunately, despite many efforts to automate review and maintenance tasks, the amount of time available from maintainers has not increased.

When we announced the deprecation we also began to share the tools and guidance that we had used to maintain the helm/charts repo. For folks that want to host and maintain their own repositories you now have these tools available to streamline the process:

With these tools available we’ve enabled many charts to migrate to their own repositories for active maintenance.

There has been refinement to the plans and confusion/questions about what happens next, so we wanted to provide a timeline of key events and recommended actions moving forward:


Vic Iglesias