Open source is all about community! A project is successful because of the people who use it and work with it every day. Talking about the problems you’re solving can help a lot more folks than you may think.

Chances are, there’s someone out there who can benefit from what you’re doing and appreciate the unique solution you’ve come up with. Your experience, even if it might seem mundane to you, could save someone else weeks or even months of toil. Even though you work with cloud native technology like containers, Kubernetes, and Linkerd on a daily basis, many others are new to them. 

Recent KubeCon stats confirm that more than 70% of participants at KubeCon EU 2020 were first-time attendees. They and engineers all over the world—your peers— are seeking resources to help them get up to speed.  And you can help! 

Sharing your experiences: become a Linkerd Community Anchor

By sharing our experiences, from successes to pitfalls and lessons learned, we all help our community thrive—that’s the goal of the new Linkerd Community Anchor program

The program aims at promoting your Linkerd stories and experiences. It could be a complex use case, an aha-moment, or perhaps you’ve combined Linkerd with a new tool. If your project was a learning moment for you, it will likely be for others too.

Of course, we know that telling your Linkerd story is easier said than done. If you’ve never submitted a talk you may not be familiar with best practices, or maybe you’re not confident about your writing skills. There are many potential roadblocks and our goal is to remove the friction and elevate you while fostering a thriving Linkerd community. How?

Whether you want to share it at a conference or meetup, in the form of a blog post or YouTube / Twitch video tutorial, the Linkerd team will guide and support you through the process.

Linkerd Community Anchor benefits in a nutshell

Become a recognized expert in the service mesh, cloud native, and Kubernetes space by sharing your story with the community.

Tell your story in any medium, from blog posts to YouTube/Twitch to conferences or all of the above.

Submit your talk proposal with confidence. Writing an abstract or putting a presentation together doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If you are eager to tell your Linkerd story and need help, we’re here for you.

Get editing or writing support. Not a native speaker and/or not confident about your writing skills? No worries. Bring the story and we’ll help you tell it in an engaging way.

Join the community and help spread the word about Linked. Sign up today!