Like we mentioned in our previous blog post, CNCF is thrilled to participate in the Fall 2020 CommunityBridge Program and have 22 project ideas from 12 Graduated, Incubating and Sandbox available to mentees. Similar to Google Summer of Code and Outreachy, CommunityBridge is a platform that brings an opportunity to offer paid internships and mentorships to developers interested in getting involved in open source projects.

If you are interested in working on one of the below projects (also on GitHub), you can apply directly on the CommunityBridge platform by September 28.    

Feel free to reach out to us directly if you have any questions or in the #mentoring channel on the CNCF Slack. 



Create Application for Elections Authenticated by External Oauth
Kubernetes working group for CSI driver

Chaos Mesh

Create a debug information collector for Chaos Mesh
Support chaos-daemon work independently on a non-k8s node.


Support list-watch from edgecore for applications on the edge
Use device API both on cloud and edge
Add EdgeGateway as the ingress gateway on Edge


Support ENUM / SET push down for TiKV Coprocessor

Support rbac control for data accessing in TiKV


Implement hierarchy queue to better support fair-share
Customize scheduling algorithms per queue
Implement specific job types to improve usability


Keptn CLI to support multiple contexts like KUBECONFIG
Visualize remediation actions as counteractions for alerts


ETW exporter
OpenTelemetry to FluentBit exporter
PHP Exporter Development


Receive: Hashring Update Improvements
UI Enhancements

Open Service Mesh, Kuma and Service Mesh Interface

Standards validation for OSM and Kuma

Open Service Mesh

Support for WebAssembly filters


Add various post processing steps in query API after PromQL execution