Today, the CNCF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) voted to accept Cortex as an incubation-level hosted project.

Cortex provides horizontally scalable, highly available, multi-tenant, long term storage for Prometheus.

“Cortex is an excellent addition to the CNCF landscape, and the community is very excited to welcome it as an incubating project,” said Katie Gamanji, CNCF TOC member, and cloud platform engineer at American Express. “Cortex has a well-constructed governance model, welcoming a growing and diverse contributor base. The roadmap encompasses features such as blocks-based storage and variable retention, reaffirming Cortex’s wide adoption by the end-user community.”

Cortex was started by Weaveworks as a hosted Prometheus solution led by Tom Wilkie and Julius Volz. Through the collective work of Weaveworks’ engineers, early adopters including Aspen Mesh, Freshtracks and Electronic Arts (EA), and Grafana Labs, Cortex was built into a scalable, fast, and easy to use solution for monitoring and long term storage in Prometheus. The project now has 8 maintainers from 4 different companies – Grafana Labs, Microsoft, Splunk, and Weaveworks.

Cortex is used in production by several organizations, including EA, Gojek, and Rewe Digital who use Cortex at a massive scale, meaning they use more than 15 million active series.

“We are thrilled that Cortex has moved from the sandbox to an incubation-level project,” said Tom Wilkie, Cortex maintainer. “A significant portion of the cloud-native world uses Prometheus for monitoring, so we built Cortex to leverage and extend its capabilities.”

Main Cortex Features:

Notable Milestones:

Earlier this year, Cortex reached version 1.0, which introduced stability guarantees around APIs, configuration, and managing the software, improved documentation, and made the project easier to use.

“The Cortex team has come a long way with version 1.0, growing the community, and making it truly easier to adopt,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO of Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “We are delighted to see the community collaborating and cultivating with sister communities like Prometheus and Thanos.”

Cortex is built on CNCF projects, including Prometheus, Kubernetes, Jaeger, OpenTracing, and gRPC. Beyond integrating with Prometheus and Kubernetes, the team works closely and collaborates with CNCF incubating project Thanos in several areas. This is further aided by the overlap of Prometheus, Cortex, and Thanos maintainership and code, and close coordination between all three projects.

As a CNCF hosted project, joining incubating technologies like OpenTracing, gRPC, CNI, Notary, NATS, Linkerd, Rook, etcd, OPA, CRI-O, TiKV, CloudEvents, Falco, Argo, Dragonfly, and SPIFFE and SPIRE, Contour, and Thanos, Cortex is part of a neutral foundation aligned with its technical interests, as well as the larger Linux Foundation, which provides governance, marketing support, and community outreach.

Every CNCF project has an associated maturity level: sandbox, incubating, or graduated. For more information on maturity requirements for each level, please visit the CNCF Graduation Criteria.

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