In our biggest class yet, 21 CNCF interns have successfully passed the CommunityBridge program! 14 CNCF Graduated, Incubating and Sandbox projects participated in the program this quarter including CoreDNS, Envoy, Kubernetes, Linkerd, Prometheus and more. CommunityBridge was created to help developers, both experienced and brand new open source contributors, experiment, learn, and contribute effectively to open source communities.

“This has been an exciting quarter for us with a significant increase in the number of interns we were able to host through CommunityBridge,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “The CNCF participation through CommunityBridge enables projects to receive notable contributions while improving project sustainability by mentoring the next generation of open source contributors.”

Additional details on the CNCF projects, mentors, and students who successfully completed the program can be found below and here: 


Enhancing Developer Experience with Open Application Model Deployment using Argo CD

Darshan Chaudhary

Mentee: Darshan Chaudhary, Software Developer at Draup

Mentor: Ken Owens


External health check and orchestration of CoreDNS in Kubernetes clusters

Jayesh Sharma

Mentee: Jayesh Sharma, Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar (IIT Bhubaneswar)

Mentor: Yong Tang


Improve Envoy observability for http module

Ranjith Kumar Adha
Mentee: Ranjith Kumar Adha, Software Engineer at Rubrik, Inc.

“Overall the BommunityBridge program was a great learning experience for me. I learnt stuff like navigating and debugging in a very large codebase, Bazel builds, LLVM toolchain, protobuf, API versioning and deprecation, GTest, GMock etc. PR review cycle was quite awesome. I am thankful to my mentor and the Envoy community for being supportive throughout and CNCF for giving me this opportunity.”

Mentor: Kateryna Nezdolii


Fluent Bit Monitoring Web UI

Mentee: Shivam Singhal

“It’s been almost 3 years since I have been part of different open source communities like Mozilla, its always great to contribute to open source and give back to community. I learnt a lot during the last 2 months, my mentor was very supportive and helpful. I am going to continue contributing to the project after this internship”

Mentor: Eduardo Silva


Support metrics-server in cloud

Tiecheng Shen

Mentee: Tiecheng Shen

“Participating in CNCF Community Bridge is a wonderful journey. Before I participated in this project, I was full of enthusiasm for cloud-native open source projects, but suffered from not having the opportunity to participate in person. Thanks to CNCF and my mentor for giving me this precious opportunity. In the process of hands-on practice, I not only learned a lot of cloud native technologies in the close cooperation of the open source community, but I am also proud of being able to contribute to the development of the cloud native community.”

Mentor: Fei Xu


Add certificate rotation for edge node

Jiejie Xu

Mentee: Jiejie Xu

“As a newcomer to the open source and cloud-native community, CommunityBridge has helped me a lot. I enjoy being here. So in the future, I will continue to contribute to the cloud native.”

Mentor: Fei Xu


Kernel boot

Hritvi Bhandari

Mentee: Hritvi Bhandari, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee

“It was a great learning and fun experience working with the project all thanks to the program through which I got to know about the project. This project gave me a lot of knowledge of virtual machines, go, and kernel parameters, and also I got to network with the Kubevirt community. I would recommend everyone to participate in such open source programs.”

Mentor: Fabian Deutsch, Daniel Belenky, Daniel Hiller


Arthur Silva Sens

Improve Observability

Mentee: Arthur Silva Sens

“I’ve been working with Open Source tools for quite some time, and even though I always had the desire to collaborate on these projects, I never knew how to start doing so. I think that CommunityBridge was the perfect place for me. I got in touch with a lot of experienced and friendly people that know how to develop open source tools and they were super understandable that I had no experience with it. It truly is a career-changing experience.”

Mentor: Fabian Deutsch, Daniel Belenky, Daniel Hiller


Multi-tenancy benchmark project

Divya Rani

Mentee: Divya Rani, Software Engineer at HackerRank

“My mentors were really helpful and I learned a lot. I’ll continue contributing to the project.”  

Mentor: Tasha Drew


Kubernetes working group for CSI driver

Animesh Kumar

Mentee: Animesh Kumar, National Institute of Technology Karnataka

“The Community Bridge program was a learning experience of a lifetime. I have previously contributed to some other open-source projects, but all my contributions were unguided. This program provided me with the platform to be involved in multiple releases of the Kubernetes CSI working group projects. It helped me learn a lot about the Kubernetes CSI working group in a short but dedicated time frame. I have had the chance to interact and bounce off ideas with many experienced people in the working group. The management team at CNCF and CommunityBridge support were also marvelous with their prompt replies and commitment to help this program reach successful completion. I truly encourage anyone who wants to start contributing to CNCF or other open-source projects to participate in this program.”

Mentor: Andy Zhang

Open Policy Agent

OPA – MongoDB query translator

Vineeth Pothulapati

Mentee: Vineeth Pothulapati, Software Engineer, Aqua Security

Mentor: Ash Narkar


New storage backend using raw disk images

Mehran Kholdi

Mentee: Mehran Kholdi, Sharif University of Technology

Mentor: Kiran Mova


A easy to use command-line interface (CLI) for OpenEBS.

Harsh Thakur

Mentee: Harsh Thakur, Jain University, Bangalore

“I had a great time working on OpenEBS through CommunityBridge. It was the kickstart I needed to start contributing to open source projects. I received a great deal of support and motivation from the community.”

Mentor: Kiran Mova


Persist Retroactive Rule Reevaluations

Jessia Grebenschikov

Mentee: Jessica Grebenschikov, Software Engineer, Storj Labs

Mentor: Callum Styan, Bartlomiej Plotka


Remote Write WAL Pointer + Other Improvements

Nicole Jingco

Mentee: Nicole Jingco, British Columbia Institute of Technology

Mentor: Callum Styan, Bartlomiej Plotka

Service Mesh Interface

SMI Conformance with Meshery

Kanishkar J

Mentee: Kanishkar J, Indian Institute of Technology, Indore

Mentor: Lee Calcote, Vinayak Shinde


Per Request Query Tracking and Limiting

Yash Sharma

Mentee: Yash Sharma, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

“My experience with Thanos has been a joyous moment in my open source experience. I have been a part of numerous open source programs, but this has been close to my heart. I really appreciate the amount of faith shown by the mentors on working on the subtasks of the project, and at the same time, the mentors ensured that the code pushed into the codebase is of production level. I also liked the idea of writing a design document along with the project, as we tend to iterate on the implementation decision, while working through the project, so it was exciting.

We also had the weekly mentee hangouts where we discussed our progress with the project, while we invited a new mentor for sharing their experiences of there open source journey. Overall, I was fortunate enough to spend the Mentorship under Thanos, and it was a pretty exciting journey for me.”

Mentor: Povilas Versockas, Bartlomiej Plotka, Kemal Akkoyun


Complete Katacoda tutorials

Sonia Singla

Mentee: Sonia Singla, UIET Panjab University

“I believe the CommunityBridge program had a huge impact on me. I am no longer afraid to learn new technologies, apply for internships and jobs. Bartek and Povilas, my mentors have had a big hand in helping me out through-out the journey. Since Thanos is a global non-profit with a strong community that works openly, I’ll be working as Volunteer Contributor 👩‍💻”

Mentor: Povilas Versockas, Bartlomiej Plotka, Kemal Akkoyun


Versioned Website Docs

Uchechukwu Obasi

Mentee: Uchechukwu Obasi

“This has been one of the most exciting experience in my career. Given the fact it was my first time contributing to open source, I had the opportunity to contribute to one of the fastest growing open source projects and received mentorship from world class software engineers. The collaboration and openness that exist within the community blows my mind. Everyone is willing to share their knowledge, and always happy to help each other. There are no discrimination of any kind regardless of your age, race, color, or technical proficiency.”

Mentors: Povilas Versockas, Bartlomiej Plotka, Kemal Akkoyun


Full Chunk-based Computing

Chi Zhang

Mentee: Chi Zhang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

“I had a wonderful time working with the TiKV project. My mentors are really experienced. With their bird’s-eye view of the TiKV, they provided forward-looking advice on making this project better. The TiKV community is very friendly. The review and merge process is clear and easy to follow. When implementing the “Chunk-based Computing” RFC, I feel my coding skills have improved over time, and I get a better understanding of the Rust type system, generics, and macros. Besides coding skills, I also have a clearer idea of how to collaborate in an open-source community, and applied some of the best practices in my own projects.”

Mentor: Tianyi Zhuang, Wish Shi