We’re making it easier than ever to get started as a cloud professional!

CNCF and The Linux Foundation have teamed up to create our first-ever training and certification bootcamp program. The Cloud Engineer Bootcamp bundles self-paced eLearning courses with certification exams and dedicated instructor support for a comprehensive and well-rounded educational program. The training begins with Linux at the operating system layer, and moves up the stack, covering DevOps, cloud, containers, and more, providing all the knowledge needed to work as a cloud engineer. The specific courses and exams included, all of which are taken online, are:

In another first, we’re offering bootcamp participants direct access to the course instructors via an interactive online forum, and office hours (via video chat) every single weekday. This will provide the opportunity to ask questions about course materials and subjects, as well as discuss career paths and other tips for success. 

The bootcamp can be completed in six months with 15-20 hours of study time per week. Successful participants will earn three displayable, verifiable badges – one for passing the LFCS exam, one for passing the CKA exam, and one for completing the entire bootcamp. 

Cloud engineer is one of the most in-demand IT jobs, with median salaries approaching $150,000, yet there is consistently a shortage of individuals qualified for these roles. This bootcamp aims to help close that talent gap.

The components of this bootcamp are a $2,500 value, but we’ve priced it at only $999, far less than other IT bootcamps. And through June 17, we’re offering the full bootcamp at an introductory price of $599, making this level of training accessible to many who could not afford similar programs. 

Enroll today and start your journey to becoming a qualified, certified cloud engineer!