We are very pleased to announce that as part of CNCF’s participation in CommunityBridge, seven interns have successfully passed the program! CommunityBridge is a platform that aims to sustain open source projects and through paid internships for developers to learn and contribute to open source communities.

“We are very pleased to see our CommunityBridge program grow this year. Similar to our involvement in the Google Summer of Code, this platform is a really effective way for us to engage with new and upcoming members of our community by offering paid internships and mentorships,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO/COO at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “Congratulations to all the interns who participated in the 2020 program with us.” 

Additional details on the CNCF projects, mentors, and students who successfully completed the program can be found below and on GitHub: https://github.com/cncf/mentoring


Storage Plugins

Vineeth Pothulapati

Mentee: Vineeth Pothulapati, Software Developer at Aqua Security

“It’s been almost two years since I have been part of open source and cloud-native community, I always had love towards the community by looking at the support and encouragement a beginner can get. I have been a part of the Kubernetes release team for the past three releases, I enjoy working with the cloud-native community. In December 2019, I looked at the community bridge program and list of projects. Though I am a software developer, I was nervous when it comes to contributing to the features in open source projects. Earlier I was involved with bug fixes and documentation side of things. But CommunityBridge has helped me to overcome my fear and I started contributing to one of my favorite projects: Cortex (A distributed, multi-tenant and long term storage system for metrics). I have been following the project for the last six months and am amazed by its flexibility in tuning the configurations as per the requirement and usage. So, my project was to add storage plugin support for Cortex. Right now Cortex natively supports many databases like Bigtable, GCS, DynamoDB, S3, Cassandra, etc… My project was to write a storage plugin system for Cortex to support different databases out of the Cortex tree. So initially, we had different approaches to implement this but we spent closely a month looking for alternatives and in finalizing the design.

Mentor: Goutham Veeramachaneni


Extending internal metrics support on Fluent Bit and improving Fluent Bit usability / user-experience

Atibhi Agarwal

Mentee: Atibhi Agarwal, International Institute Of Information Technology, Bangalore

I helped to migrate existing plugins to the new config maps mechanism. Config maps are an improvement to the previous Fluent Bit API that was used by plugins to read configuration values. They will also allow dynamic configuration reloading to be implemented in the future. I also wrote detailed documentation for config maps interface in the developer guide. Apart from this I also wrote code for a new output plugin and added documentation that will help a developer to create plugins.

Mentor: Eduardo Silva and Masoud Koleini


Integrating the Tenant Operator with the hierarchical namespace controller 

Shivani Singhal

Mentee: Shivani Singhal, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design and Manufacturing, Jabalpur

“My project was on Kubernetes with the title “Integrating HNC controller with tenant operator”. Under this project, we had to leverage the benefit of the hierarchy concept and introduce it in the tenant operator up to one level. And to leverage hierarchy functionality, we are referring to the HNC controller and integrating it with the tenant operator.”

Mentor: Tasha Drew and Fei Guo 


Kubernetes working group for CSI driver

Ji'an Liu

Mentee: Ji’an Liu, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

“In this round of CommunityBridge program, I participated in the Kubernetes working group for CSI driver. I implemented a few new CSI features and also e2e tests to cover those features, e.g. volume expansion, windows support, monitoring, etc. This work could help end-users to leverage new Azure storage features in Kubernetes.”

Mentor: Andy Zhang


Implementing zPages for OpenTelemetry

Harnidh Kaur

Mentee: Harnidh Kaur, University of Washington

“As part of this program, I worked to build ZPages for OpenTelemetry, a project that makes telemetry a feature of cloud-native applications. ZPages are in-process web pages that display collected data from the process they are attached to. This data includes metrics like average latency of spans, error count in the past one minute and one hour.”

Mentor: Sergey Kanzhelev


Various React UI improvements and filtering label values API with matchers

Boyko Lalov

Mentee: Boyko Lalov, Javascript Developer at Tick42

Mentor: Krasi Georgiev and Julius Volz 


Improving read write coordination for object storage and end to end benchmarking tests on demand through CI

Khyati Soneji

Mentee: Khyati Soneji

The three main goals of the project were to:

Mentors: Bartek Plotka and Giedrius Statkevičius