Day-0 co-located events are a huge part of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon. This year, CNCF is hosting 3 co-located events in Amsterdam on Monday, March 30, providing the opportunity for attendees to deep-dive into these technology topics.

The schedule for the CNCF co-located events is available. Check it out and add one of these to your registration! You can add it when you first do your registration, or if you are already registered update your registration.

Cloud Native Security Day

Designed to bring the cloud native security community together to discuss and share current challenges and solutions in cloud native security. Cloud Native Security Day provides a single place for people involved or getting involved in cloud native security to get together, learn, and share in a vendor-neutral space.

The schedule will feature sessions from leading open source technologists, including:

  • Collection is not Detection – Sec Ops in a Cloud Native Environment – Sarah Young, Microsoft
  • Cloud Native Security, One Step at a Time – Thijs Ebbers, ING
  • Pod Security as an Afterthought – Alban Crequy, Kinvolk
  • New Paradigms for the Next Era of Security – Sounil Yu, Cyber Defense Matrix & Daniel Riedel, New Context

You can still register!

Serverless Practitioners Summit

Serverless Practitioners Summit was created to unite the serverless practitioner community and present end users with comprehensive strategies to understand serverless in a cloud native context. The Summit will feature the successful work in the CNCF serverless working group and surrounding projects.

The schedule will feature sessions from leading open source technologists, including:

  • The State of Serverless – Jeremy Garcia, Datadog
  • Serverless Use-Cases and Patterns – Sebastien Goasguen, TriggerMesh
  • Chaos Engineering in a Serverless World – Divya Mohan, HSBC
  • Low-Latency and Session-Oriented Serverless Workflows – Manuel Stein & Paarijaat Aditya, Nokia Bell Labs

There are still some spots available so don’t hesitate to register!


ServiceMeshCon is a vendor-neutral conference on service mesh technologies, featuring maintainers across different service mesh projects and also showcasing the lessons learned from running service meshes in production.

The schedule will feature sessions from leading open source technologists, including:

  • Iteratively Implementing Istio: Zero to Service Mesh with No Downtime – Patrick Auld, Autodesk
  • Service Mesh Failure Stories at Scale – Krzysztof Słonka,
  • Multi-Cluster and Multi Mesh Patterns – Christian Posta,
  • Happily Getting Way More than we Asked For – Matt Young, EverQuote

If you are interested in hearing more, there is still time to register!