As we jump into 2020, we wanted to share a reminder and quick overview of CNCF’s webinar program. These webinars are hosted by members, CNCF incubating and graduated projects, and CNCF SIGs. Anyone can register to attend, and they are then posted on the CNCF YouTube channel.

CNCF webinars are a great, free opportunity for the cloud native community to learn about not only CNCF projects but other open source, cloud native technologies and trends in the community.

Who hosts the CNCF webinars?

Platinum, gold, and silver members can host. We also host webinars from graduated and incubating projects, which each have the opportunity to present twice a year on release launch details or updates.

Note that projects from the CNCF Sandbox are not able to hold webinars, but a CNCF member organization may still talk about an open source sandbox project during their company’s webinar.

CNCF SIGs are able to host one webinar per year.

What are CNCF webinars about?

Webinar topics are similar to what you could expect to see during a session at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon. Any platforms, tools or technologies discussed are open source and work with CNCF projects.

The purpose of the CNCF webinars is to educate the cloud native community. Webinar topics vary depending on the target audience – whether developers, architects, CIOs, and/or CTO – so there is a vast range of topics available! Webinars are not product pitches.

CNCF offers English language webinars every Tuesday 10am-11am PT, Wednesday 10am-11am PT, and Thursday 9am-10am PT. While Chinese language webinars are typically scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday, 10am Beijing time.

To register for any upcoming webinars, you can check out our website and click on the webinar to sign up. We also offer recordings of past webinars so if you cannot attend one live, no worries!

Do you have any questions about webinars? Have a look at the in-depth guidelines if you are interested in hosting. Or, reach out to us at