With the recent changes to Meetup’s policies, we wanted to share a reminder of the benefits of joining the CNCF Meetup Program and encourage Meetups in the CNCF ecosystem to apply.

As part of our Meetup Pro membership, CNCF is able to organize a network with an unlimited number of groups on a single account. The benefits of joining CNCF on Meetup include:

  • Boosted visibility of your meetup
  • Meetups in the program are not subject to fees.
  • One-time complimentary swag certificate to the CNCF Store

If you run a meetup and are interested in becoming an official CNCF Meetup, we encourage you to apply! CNCF Meetups focus on cloud native computing and/or CNCF-hosted projects. While topics may include additional open source technologies, the presumption is that all have at least a working level knowledge, and primary support for CNCF projects. In order to be approved, groups must follow the below guidelines:

  • The meetup group has to be created following the best practices outlined on GitHub
  • Only active meetup communities will be considered, meaning:
    • at least three successful meetups were held before applying
    • at least one meetup was held during the last 60 days before applying

If your meetup fits all the requirements, you can submit an application and if it fits the criteria outlined, CNCF will send you an invitation within a month.

For additional insight on CNCF Meetups, you can find more information on GitHub.