In 18 months, Intuit went from zero to 2,000 services running on Kubernetes. And here’s why: Cloud native technology has enabled “lightning fast” deployment, says Jeff Brewer, Chief Architect, Small Business and Self-Employed Group at Intuit. The deployment cycle has decreased from days to minutes, and MTTR went from 45 minutes to less than 5.

For Brewer, the value of moving to cloud native is seen over and over again when developers receive feedback from their customers minutes after they’ve written the code.

“Those are the wow moments,” he says. “Developers want to make something better, and they can get it into a customer’s hands within minutes of when they’re done coding it, and they’re getting that feedback so soon after they’ve finished it. Before, you’d generally wait 30 days, and if you go way back in Intuit history [the company was founded in 1983], it was a year, because you’re shipping software on a CD.”

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