For the past three years, we’ve been talking to CNCF end users around the globe and sharing their stories about how cloud native technologies are having real-world impact on their businesses.

These case studies all live on the CNCF site, and as their number continues to grow, we wanted to make this section a useful resource where readers can easily find use cases that are of interest to them.

We’re happy to announce that the end user case studies can now be filtered by CNCF projects used, geographic location (country and continent), industry, cloud type, challenges, and product type.

Screenshot of CNCF page showing end user case studies with industry, cloud types, projects, challenges, countries and product types filter

Additionally, we’ve redesigned the individual case study pages to be more user-friendly, with all the information on a single page:

Screenshot of CNCF case study

We hope you’ll dive into the section, take a look around, test out the filtering, and let us know what you think.