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How Linkerd is Apester’s ‘Safety Net’ Against Cascading Failure from Forgotten Timeouts

Next time you get sucked into a quiz or poll on a media site like The Telegraph or Time, you can thank Apester⁠’s drag-and-drop interactive content platform⁠—and its usage of cloud native technologies like Linkerd. With a microservice architecture and several programming languages in use, Apester adopted Linkerd’s service mesh for visibility and a common metric system. Linkerd ended up solving a major pain point for the company, which deals with more than 20 billion requests per month: outages caused by developers’ forgetting to set timeouts on service-to-service requests. With Linkerd, there have been no outages for six months (and counting), and MTTR has been shortened by a factor of 2. Read more about Apester’s cloud native journey in the full case study.