Kubernetes enables CreditEase, Pinterest, Ant Financial, Slamtec and ING to overcome a multitude of challenges experienced as they looked to scale. By investing in Kubernetes and cloud native technology, these companies experienced reduced build times and massive efficiency wins.

CreditEase had a long list of challenges in their infrastructure and addressed all of them by choosing Kubernetes for orchestration. CreditEase experienced faster product iterations and significantly improved deployment and delivery times. Read the case study.

With 200 million active monthly users and 100 billion objects saved, Pinterest managed more than 1,000 microservers and multiple layers of infrastructure. After moving to Kubernetes, Pinterest built on-demand scaling and new failover policies, while simplifying deployment and management. The company also reclaimed over 80 percent of capacity during non-peak hours. Read the case study.

After an agile transformation, ING was looking to standardize their deployment process while following the companies strict security guidelines. Using Kubernetes and other cloud native technologies, ING built an internal public cloud to standardize and speed up their deployment process. They now have the ability to go from idea to production within 48 hours. Read the case study.

Ant Financial operates at massive scale, with 900+ million users worldwide and 256,000 transactions per second during the peak of Double 11 Singles Day 2017. In order to provide reliable and consistent services to its customers, the company invested in Kubernetes and has seen at least tenfold improvement in operations. Read the case study.

Slamtec had multiple needs for their new cloud platform, most importantly stability and reliability. That’s why they chose to deploy Kubernetes as well as Prometheus monitoring, Fluentd logging, Harbor registry, and Helm package manager.

With this new platform, Slamtec experienced more than 18 months of 100% stability, and for users there is now zero service downtime and seamless upgrades. Read the case study.

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