CNCF is an open source technical community where technical project collaboration, discussions, and decision-making should be open and transparent. Please see our charter, particularly section 3(b), for more background on CNCF values.

Design, discussions, and decision-making around technical topics of CNCF-hosted projects should occur in public view such as via GitHub issues and pull requests, public Google Docs, public mailing lists, conference calls at which anyone may participate (and which are normally published afterward on YouTube), and in-person meetings at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon and similar events. This includes all SIGs, working groups, and other forums where portions of the community meet.

This is particularly important in light of the Linux Foundation’s (revised) Statement on the Huawei Entity List Ruling. (Note that CNCF is part of the Linux Foundation.) Our technical community operates openly and in public which affords us exceptions to regulations other closed organizations may have to address differently. This open, public technical collaboration is also critical to our community’s success as we navigate competitive and shifting industry dynamics. Openness is particularly important in any discussions involving encryption since encryption technologies can be subject to Export Administration Regulations.

If you have questions or concerns about these guidelines, I encourage you to discuss it with your company’s legal counsel and/or to email me and Chris Aniszczyk at Thank you.