Lee Calcote, Founder at Layer5.io sat down with Kaitlyn Barnard, Cloud Native Computing Foundation(CNCF), to talk about cloud native, trends in the industry, and being an Ambassador. Below is their interview. You can also view the video.

Kaitlyn: Hey, Lee. Thanks so much for joining me today. We’re going to chat a little bit about the CNCF Ambassador program, your work in the community, the cloud native space, all of that. Do you want to start off by just giving us a brief introduction about yourself?

Lee: Oh, sure. I’m Lee Calote, founder of Layer5.io. Yeah, I end up spending a fair bit of time in a few different communities. Some more deeply than others. I was excited when CNCF originally formed, For me, surface mesh just sort of, not only is it super-hot, interesting, very helpful for how people are running their cloud native infrastructure, but it has a particular focus in mind.

Kaitlyn: For someone who’s new, just getting started, how would you describe the concept of Cloud Native?

Lee: Clearly, the cloud native world is comprised of some ephemeral things.

Kaitlyn: Yeah.

Lee: I would identify maybe first and foremost that, things that are cloud native are software as a service.

Lee: Every function as a service project or offering that I know of does execute functions inside of containers, so it’s still a pretty strong definition.

Kaitlyn: Right.

Lee: Part of it also is distributed systems. It is a bit of the ability to horizontally scale. Lee Calcote: .

Kaitlyn: Let’s talk a little bit about cloud native trends. Is there anything you’re seeing, or excited about in the next year or so?

Lee: Maybe two things that I would highlight that are sort of emerging areas of interest within cloud native, service mesh also chaos engineering

Service mesh is, promised a lot of value, and some of them look a bit different than others. That’s in part why I’ve been pouring some time into Layer5.io, which hopefully helps provide a little bit of clarity around some of the different, both projects and vendor offerings in that space. as Kubernetes was coming into its fullness, there were, and there still are a number of choices around container orchestration.

Kaitlyn: Awesome, so you talked a little bit about your work with Layer5. You’re part of our CNCF Ambassador program. Could you tell us why you wanted to join that program, and talk a little bit about more of your work in the community?

Lee: Well, it’s something of a natural fit. Just the opportunity to engage with others in the community, and have conversations with them. That’s probably the number one sort of attraction to the program.

The other one is, I’m organizing a couple of meetups in Austin, Texas,

There is just a lot of support and structure to a program like this, where so many projects and updates going on that just even for myself to be able to keep up, it’s something of a blessing to be within the program, Kayla: Very cool. Then, I know one of the things you’re doing a lot of, you’ve read a lot of content, you’re an author of a few books, but where do you get your tech news?

A few different sources. Twitter, but certainly just the timeliness of the news on there

You know, occasionally there’s some good discussions that go on on Hacker News. The New Stack is an organization I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and continue to receive insights from

Kaitlyn: Awesome. Well, thank you so much for taking some time to talk to me today.

Lee: Yeah, thank you, Kaitlyn.

Lee Calcote of Layer 5 will be speaking at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon in Barcelona on Wednesday, May 22 @ 11:55 AM on Services Meshes: At What Cost? (With Girish Ranganathan, of SolarWinds). Learn more here.

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