Diane Mueller, Director of Community Development at Red Hat, sat down with Kaitlyn Barnard, Cloud Native Computing Foundation(CNCF), to talk about cloud native, trends in the industry, and being an Ambassador. Below is their interview. You can also view the video.

Kaitlyn: Hi Diane.

Diane: Hey there.

Kaitlyn: Thank you so much for joining me today.

Diane: It’s a pleasure to be here.

Kaitlyn: We’re gonna chat a little bit about some of your community involvement, some Cloud Native trends and a little bit about what you do outside of that.

Diane: Oh yes.

Kaitlyn: So can you start off by giving us a brief introduction about yourself?

Diane: All right, well, my name is Diane Mueller, I work at Red Hat. I’ve been there about five years now and I’m the Director of Community Development for starting out with Open Shift for all the cloud platform. I’m doing a lot of work extensively with the operator in the operator framework initiatives at Red Hat and in the Kubernetes community. I do a lot of the cross collaboration with upstream projects like Prometheus and ACD and all the wonderful projects under the CNCF and how they integrate with Open Shift and OKD, which is Open Shift’s Kubernetes distribution.

Kaitlyn: So you have some great insight into the Cloud Native ecosystem, what do you think is the next big thing?

Diane: The past six months I’ve been sort of deeply immersed in it, the operator framework, the operator SDK, the operator life cycle manage, everything operations, K-Native is really popular too. The server lists and STO stuff but now it’s really about who do we manage them and build them and I think operator solves a lot of that.

Kaitlyn: Yes, so kind of going off of that, what do you think is the biggest challenge right now to building, adopting and scaling Cloud Native applications?

Diane: Scaling stuff, patching stuff, we’ve seen a few security things and making sure that you have enough automation build into your infrastructure, into Kubernetes so that, that is seamless and totally automated. That’s the challenge. I think coordinating all of the release schedules and the project features and functions is something that takes a lot of concentrated brain power on the part of all the project leads and the companies that are working on it and the contributors. It’s a big coordination thing so yeah.

Kaitlyn: It really is. So you’re part of our ambassador program for CNCF.

Diane: Yes.

Kaitlyn: Can you talk a little bit about why you want to be part of the program and some of your work in the community?

Diane: I think every community needs to realize that it’s not just the people writing the code or the documentation. There’s a lot of other people, like with the coordination of the release cycles and release management and all of that stuff, plus all of the interactions with the communities and things and I think the ambassador’s program really recognizes people’s contributions on that level it gives CNCF a way to scale your machine I host two meet ups, one in Vancouver and Victoria with other people.

Diane: The meet ups give us another way to interact with the community to bring new people on board and to get that fire hose of information out.

Diane: It’s an awesome community. It’s pretty rocking awesome.

Kaitlyn: Awesome. Well, thank you so much for joining me today.

Diane: All right, take care and thanks.

Kaitlyn: Thanks.