CNCF x Alibaba Cloud Native Course

In partnership with Alibaba, we are pleased to offer the first, free Chinese-language cloud native technology online course, available today.

The goal of the “CNCF x Alibaba Cloud Native Course” is to guide developers in their use of cloud native technologies, including Kubernetes, etcd, containerd, and Envoy. The course also touches on the factors driving the rise of cloud computing.

Since early 2019, Alibaba has been migrating its entire e-business platform to a cloud native based infrastructure, providing additional motivation for launching an online education program focusing on these technologies.

The content of the course is in Chinese and fully tailored for Chinese-speaking developers. It is completely free and does not have any requirements for registering.

Course Overview

This is the first in a series of Chinese-language courses from CNCF and Alibaba that will focus on the cloud native technology stack, with both technical deep dives and hands-on lab sessions. This course is geared toward helping and mentoring developers to use cloud native technologies in production environments and understand its use cases and benefits.

Course lecturers include Xiang Li (CNCF Technical Oversight Committee Member), Lei Zhang (CNCF Ambassador) and other highly experienced engineers from Alibaba and other members of the cloud native community in China.

Course Outline

The course is designed to be fully aligned with CNCF’s CKA/CKAD exams.

The course targets beginner and intermediate-level developers, including:

Interested in this course? Please visit the official website to get more detailed information. 

云原生计算基金会 (CNCF) 与阿里巴巴联手为中国开发人员提供免费云原生课程


CNCF x 阿里巴巴云原生课程”的目标在于指导开发人员使用云原生技术,包括 Kubernetes、etcd、containerd 和 Envoy。 此外,这门课程还将介绍促进云计算兴起的各方面因素。

自 2019 年初以来,阿里巴巴一直在努力将其整个电子商务平台迁移到基于云原生的基础架构,这为推出专注于这些技术的在线教育计划提供了额外动力。

本课程的内容将以中文讲授,为以中文为母语的开发人员量身定制。 它完全免费,不要求注册。


这是 CNCF 与阿里巴巴联手推出的系列中文课程中的第一课,这些课程将专注于云原生技术堆栈,包括技术深度探索与动手实验课程。 本课程旨在帮助和指导开发人员在生产环境中使用云原生技术,并了解其用例和优势。

课程讲师包括李响(CNCF 技术监督委员会成员)、张磊(CNCF 大使)以及经验丰富的阿里巴巴工程师和中国云原生社区的其他成员。


本课程由 CNCF 与阿里巴巴共同设计,完全与 CNCF 的 CKA/CKAD考试要求相符。


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