The CNCF TOC – charged with defining and maintaining the technical vision for CNCF; approving new projects within the scope for CNCF set by the Governing Board, and creating a conceptual architecture for these projects; aligning projects, removing or archiving projects; accepting feedback from end user committee and map to projects; aligning interfaces to components under management (code reference implementations before standardizing); and defining common practices to be implemented across CNCF projects – is crucial for driving neutral consensus within this community.

As the committee’s inaugural three-year terms were coming to a close, we recently kicked off elections for the following six Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) slots that were set to open up this month:

After receiving nominations from members, the following six community leaders were selected by our Governing Board to serve two-year, staggered terms, effective immediately

  • Alexis Richardson (Weaveworks) → CNCF has been transformative for everyone I know. I am just very excited to be part of the next stage and help the user community grow with these superb projects.”
  • Brendan Burns (Microsoft)“The last three years have seen ‘cloud native’ go from ‘what does that mean?’ to ‘required reading.’ As I look forward to the next three years of the CNCF, I’m excited to move from supporting and incubating projects, to helping them mature, scale and work together to deliver on this fundamental transition in the way the people build computing applications.”
  • Joe Beda (VMware) → “The CNCF sits at the center of an exciting inflection point as a new crop of revolutionary open source projects redefine IT. The CNCF TOC helps to guide this process. As a Kubernetes founder and technology leader at VMware, I’m excited and humbled to play my part in making sure that the CNCF both picks effective projects and is, in turn, effective in supporting and boosting those projects.”
  • Kelsey Hightower (Google)“As a newly elected member of the TOC I’m looking forward to representing the voice of the community and ensuring our projects continue to exceed their expectations.”
  • Matt Klein (Lyft)“Cloud native OSS is the future of distributed computing, and the CNCF is a key player in the space. I’m honored to join the TOC to help guide which projects the foundation accepts, ensure that accepted projects are nurtured so they have the opportunity to thrive, and most importantly, clarify a diverse technology landscape for end users.”
  • Xiang Li (Alibaba) “The CNCF has been driving the cloud innovation through open source technologies since its founding. CNCF projects like Kubernetes, Envoy, Prometheus, etcd make cloud native computing accessible and portable for a wide range of users. As a developer of CNCF projects and technology leader at Alibaba Cloud, I am committed and passionate to help CNCF with projects direction and growth, listening to and representing end users needs, as well as growing the Cloud Native community especially in Asia-Pacific.”

In addition to these six new members, Jeff Brewer (Intuit) was also selected to join the TOC as an End User TOC representative.

We’d love to extend a big thank you to our outgoing TOC members – Jonathan, Bryan, Camille, Benjamin & Ken – for their years of commitment to safeguarding CNCF’s technical vision and growing this community into a neutral home for the ecosystem’s most promising technologies!

New to the community and/or curious about how our TOC operates? Join us for one of the committee’s public, bi-monthly calls – find more info here ☑️