At KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU this week, members of the CNCF Serverless Working Group are releasing CloudEvents v0.1, which is a draft specification for describing event data in a common way to aid interoperability. With the first CloudEvents release, members in the industry are actively working to ease serverless event and tooling interoperability.


“We’ve seen a surprising number of contributors to CloudEvents, including a number of major hyperscale cloud providers and serverless startups,” said Chris Aniszczyk, COO at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “Events are increasingly common, especially with serverless adoption growing so quickly. A common way of describing event data helps with the portability of serverless applications and aids tooling for developers building libraries across serverless environments.”

The industry-wide project, led by the CNCF Working Group, is expected to be formally proposed as a CNCF sandbox project to the CNCF TOC in June.

The CNCF created the Serverless Working Group to ‘explore the intersection of cloud native and serverless technology.’ The Working Group published a serverless white paper and landscape recently, and, at the same time, kicked off the vendor-neutral effort to standardize how event data is described. CloudEvents hits another developer hot button: enabling better tooling for building, testing and handling the end-to-end lifecycle of event-driven and serverless architectures.

“Fostering an open ecosystem by enabling cloud providers, startups and other members a neutral place to collaborate is a key goal for the CNCF and our Serverless WG is the center of cross organization open source serverless collaboration,” said Aniszczyk. “Serverless continues to be a hot topic in the industry and we expect our serverless track on Friday to be one of the most popular at KubeCon.”

KubeCon offers many opportunities to meet the community members doing this interesting work. You’ll find Doug Davis running a CloudEvents Working Group session on Wednesday, May 2 • 20:20 – 21:40 to discuss the latest issues and proposals from members. As with all WG, the session is open so check it out. Doug will also present a Serverless WG BoF on Wednesday, May 2 • 16:25 – 17:00.

As part of Friday’s track, “The Serverless and Event-Driven Future,” presented by Austen Collins, the creator of the Serverless Framework, will cover the latest trends and use-cases of the serverless movement, as well as the CloudEvents effort. And, you might even see Austen doing a demo that showcases CloudEvents interoperability by being used across a variety of Cloud providers. Sarah Allen of Google will look at the convergence of serverless APIs and compute, while Chad Arimura and Matt Stephenson of Oracle will discuss how to operate a global-scale FaaS on top of Kubernetes. Bitnami’s Sebastien Goasguen will drill into securing serverless functions via Kubernetes Objects. To view all sessions in the serverless track click here.

Beyond KubeCon, if you’re interested in contributing, join us on the Serverless Working Group GitHub or join the CloudEvents Project. CloudEvents meets every Thursday at 9AM PT via Zoom too.