Founded 80 years ago, Haufe Group has evolved from a traditional publisher to a provider of cloud and Internet-based workplace and enterprise solutions. Read the case study to learn more about their digital transformation that began in the 1990s. The Germany company is one of the first mid-sized businesses in the country to embrace cloud native and an API-first strategy. Haufe.Group uses infrastructure-as-code across the entire software deployment lifecycle via Docker and is going live with two services in production using Kubernetes orchestration on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

According to Solution Architect Martin Danielsson, “Over the next couple of years, people won’t even think that much about it when they want to run containers. Kubernetes is going to be the go-to solution.”

To learn more how companies of every size, in all industries are benefiting from a cloud native approach, be sure to register for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon taking place May 2-4 in Copenhagen. Adidas, The New York Times, Spotify, The Financial Times, among others will be talking about the impact Kubernetes and cloud native projects have on their businesses.