Each week, the Kubernetes community shares an enormous amount of interesting and informative content including articles, blog posts, tutorials, videos, and much more. We’re highlighting just a few of our favorites from the week before. This week we’re talking machine learning, scalability, service mesh, and contributing to Kubernetes.

Rainbow deploys with Kubernetes, BrandonDimcheff.com

Deployments aren’t as disruptive when your service is stateless, but sometimes stateful services can’t be turned stateless. In this article by Brandon Dimcheff of Olark, explains how Olark dealt with that issue when deploying their stateful service that powers chat.olark.com. Every time they deployed Kubernetes the traditional way, it would restart all the backends causing all users to reconnect creating a poor user experience and major load spikes. Learn how they solved this with a Rainbow Deployment strategy, and what that is.

Set up a Jenkins CI/CD pipeline with Kubernetes, AKomljen.com

Continuous integration and delivery is a major component of cloud native DevOps approaches. Deploying a Jenkins server can be easy, but creating a pipeline to build, deploy, and test your software gets more difficult. In this introductory article, Alen Komljen, DevOps Engineer and Consultant, explains Jenkins pipelines, how to build one, and how to run it on Kubernetes.

Why I went all-in with containers…and the fails along the way, IOD

As an early adopter of containers, Adam Hawkins of Saltside has faced his fair share of challenges building orchestration systems. In this article, Adam shares his story of adopting, developing, and running production containers. From working with new technologies before adequate supporting tools were developed to solving new production problems, check out these lessons learned from adopting bleeding edge technology.

Kubernetes and PaaS: The force of developer experience and workflow, The New Stack

As platforms-as-a-service (PaaS) become increasingly popular in the world of Kubernetes, it can be difficult to know what falls under that category. In this article, Daniel Bryant, an independent technical consultant, he explains the three layers of modern web-based software development, how they relate to PaaS, and how these platforms evolved to where we are today.

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