Ihor Dvoretskyi’s New Stack Makers Podcast: “Making Kubernetes Core As Awesome As Possible”

This New Stack Makers podcast features highlights from the new ebook “Kubernetes Deployment and Security Patterns” due out Feb. 6. As part of CNCF’s ebook sponsorship, The New Stack Founder and Editor-in-Chief Alex Williams recently spoke to Ihor Dvoretskyi, CNCF Developer Advocate and co-lead of Product Management SIG at Kubernetes Community, about existing and emerging Kubernetes deployment patterns and the 2018 Kubernetes roadmap.

Do you also want to know about emerging patterns like serverless, machine learning, edge computing and stream analytics? Will this be the year Kubernetes is ready to support hybrid clouds and Linux and Windows environments? Will there be any drawbacks to the community’s focus on core Kubernetes this year?

Ihor answers these questions and shares more about the community’s plans to make Kubernetes core as rock solid and awesome as possible.

In the podcast, Ihor explains that many improvements today are driven by customer requirements. For example, expect to see the community deliver a set of new features that will get us closer to calling Kubernetes a multi-tenant solution. This milestone achievement will resonate with enterprise users in the market, according to Ihor. The focus on core Kubernetes will also deliver stability enhancements that will give end users the confidence they need to turn their attention to serverless and machine learning applications.

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