We’ve rung in the New Year, but these popular webinar recordings from our vault are worth watching if you missed them last year.

These are our top 5 best attended CNCF webinars of 2017. It’s not surprising that the very recent “What’s New in Kubernetes 1.9” ranks No. 1 on this list. Ihor Dvoretskyi, SIG-PM Lead and CNCF Developer Advocate, hosted a panel with Ken Owens (SIG-Apps Lead), Saad Al (SIG-Storage Lead), David Eads (SIG-API Machinery Lead), and Michael Michael (SIG-Windows). Listen to learn more about 1.9 highlights and major features.

Saad sets the stage for the alpha implementation of the Container Storage Interface (CSI) and the problem it aims to solve. Moving away from entry volume plugins, CSI makes installing new volume plugins as easy as deploying a pod. Michael looks at the results of nearly two years of work in the SIG-Windows community to provide Windows server support to the entire Kubernetes ecosystem. Their goal is for Kubernetes to become the best cross platform heterogeneous cluster manager.

“Cloud Native Networking” from last January took second place, holding broad appeal with both networking engineers and a growing number of developers who increasingly find networking a part of their daily work. In this CNCF webinar, Christopher Liljenstolpe, CTO/Founder of Tigera, and Brian Boreham, Director of Engineering, Weaveworks, dive into networking for containers and microservices. Cloud native computing embraces a much more dynamic and flexible scale up and scale down infrastructure where you need to spin up new containers much faster than in the past with VMs. In this world, Christopher and Brain make the case that new networking technologies are needed. With IP-per-container now an established best practice, container networking is becoming simpler than before for developers and operations.

Cloud native network solution description

Brian examines the control plane and data plane, outlines specifics on how control planes are built and the kind of technologies you commonly see within container networking platforms.

Jumping out of order, but sticking with the networking theme, is “Intro to CNI,” our 5th most-attended webinar. Perhaps it has something to do with networking cited as a challenge, admittedly one on the decline, according to our recent cloud native survey.

“Kubernetes 1.8” clocked in as our 4th most popular webinar. Aparna Sinha (PM SIG Lead), Anthony Yeh, workloads and extensibility, and Bradley Childs (Storage SIG Lead) looked at functional improvements in this release as well as the maturing process and formalizing architecture that help to strengthen Kubernetes.

In third is “What is Cloud Native and Why Should I Care?” featuring CNCF TOC Chair Alexis Richardson and Weaveworks CEO. Alexis gives a history of our 3-year-old Foundation, its structure, goals and the processes for accepting new projects and new members.

Back to the present – we invite you to register for our upcoming “Machine Learning and AI in the Datacenter and How It Will Affect You” webinar, 10:00 am – 11:00 am PST on February 6. Nick Chase, Head of Technical and Marketing Content for Mirantis and a member of the Kubernetes documentation team, will explore growing excitement for machine learning (ML) and AI and its sudden accessibility in the form of open source libraries. Nick will give a fast-paced introduction to ML and how it actually works, as well as what it might look like in action in your datacenter – especially in terms of projects that already exist.