By Todd Moore, CNCF Governing Board Chairperson

CNCF is thrilled to officially welcome Amazon Web Services as our newest Platinum member. The Foundation and our projects will benefit from their many years of leadership in enabling enterprises to successfully adopt cloud computing and enormous expertise in cloud native technologies.

Adrian Cockcroft, Vice President of Cloud Architecture Strategy at AWS, and our newest board member, attended our in-person CNCF Governing Board strategy retreat a couple weeks ago in San Francisco. We appreciated him sharing his years of open source experience and jumping right into our discussions about how CNCF can best accelerate the development and deployment of Kubernetes and other cloud native technologies. Be sure to read Adrian’s Cloud Native Computing post for a deeper understanding of how AWS plans to contribute to the cloud native ecosystem.

With this news, and Microsoft joining CNCF as a platinum member last month, five of the five largest public cloud providers are now active members. Also on our governing board are most of the world’s biggest private cloud vendors. The combined industry momentum behind CNCF signals not only the value of Kubernetes and our other cloud native technologies but also underlines the Foundation’s commitment to making these technologies ubiquitous.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation platinum and gold members

Just as businesses had to learn about virtualization, now they are figuring out how to leverage containers and run them in production. And that means adopting Kubernetes and cloud native technologies.

We’ve seen a strong shift from companies that were developing with containers and are now putting them into production. Two years ago less than 10 percent of enterprise decision makers said they were using a container orchestration tool.

Today, more than half are in production with container management and orchestration software, according to a May 2017 451 Research report. The firm also found Kubernetes is the most widely used orchestration tool, with 43% of respondents saying they used Kubernetes and 32% saying that it is their primary orchestration tool. This is an increase from last year, when Kubernetes was the primary tool of only 27% of the sample.

These numbers are just the starting point. We’re excited by the work CNCF is doing on the next generation of cloud native technologies and hope you are as well. Becoming a member is easy, and we welcome end users and vendors to join and contribute. Our projects include: Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenTracing, Fluentd, linkerd, gRPC, CoreDNS, containerd, rkt, and CNI.

On behalf of the board, and the membership, again, a hearty welcome.

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