Today, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) voted to accept Fluentd as the fourth hosted project after Kubernetes, Prometheus and OpenTracing. You can find more information on the project in this proposal presented to the TOC recently.

As CNCF builds out multiple paths for adopting cloud native computing, the TOC is looking to unite high-quality and relevant projects into the Foundation. Fluentd was started by Treasure Data in 2011 and is an open source data collector that allows you to implement at an unified logging layer. Logging is a crucial part of cloud native architectures and aligns well with CNCF’s goal to significantly increase the overall flexibility and reliability of modern distributed systems environments capable of scaling to tens of thousands of self healing multi-tenant nodes.

Fluentd was created to solve log/data collection and distribution needs at scale, offering a comprehensive and reliable service to be implemented in conjunction with microservices and generic cloud monitoring tools. With 650+ plugins connect it to many data sources and data outputs, it is no wonder Fluentd was the 2016 Bossie Awards winner for the best open source datacenter and cloud software.

Industry Problem:

Industry problem

Fluentd as the Solution:

Fluentd as the solution

Notable Milestones:

Additionally, Fluentd has a large adopter community consisting of Atlassian, LINE, Microsoft, Nintendo, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Kubernetes, and GREE within others. Users include:

Fluentd adopter community

Stay tuned for a blog post from Eduardo Silva, Software Engineer at Treasure Data and core Fluentd Contributor, who will dive deep into the project’s roots and technical makeup and why Fluentd joined CNCF.