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Only at CloudNativeDay: Brandon Philips from CoreOS On Open Source as the Power Behind Modern Infrastructure


Cloud native computing is the perfect balance of operational efficiency and flexibility for modern infrastructure. Cloud native applications require the strength of trustworthy infrastructure developed and supported by a thriving open community.

Brandon Philips, current CTO of CoreOS, will detail how community-driven open source projects are pushing cloud native infrastructure forward in his session “The Architecture of Cloud Native: Open Source Projects Powering A Pluggable Infrastructure” at CloudNativeDay. Head out to Toronto on August 25th to learn more!

A graduate of Oregon State’s Open Source Lab, Philips has a passion for open source technologies that has spanned his career. Before co-founding and serving as CTO at CoreOS, he was a successful senior software engineer at Rackspace and a kernel developer for SUSE/Novell.

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