Enabling DevOps are two of the fastest-growing trends in technology; containers and microservices. With rapid growth comes rapid confusion. Who is using the technology? How did they build their architectures? What is the ROI of the technology?

Having real-world examples of how leading-edge companies are building containers and microservices architectures will help answer these burning questions. If you want the answers, then make your way to Toronto for CloudNativeDay on August 25th to hear 451 Research’s Development, DevOps, & IT Ops channel Research Director, Donnie Berkholz talk “Cloud Native in the Enterprise: Real-World Data on Container and Microservice Adoption.”

Berkholz current research is steeped in the latest innovative technologies employed for software development and software lifecycle management to drive business growth and will shape this session exploring the state of cloud-native prerequisites in the enterprise, the container ecosystem including current adoption, and data on companies moving to cloud-native platforms.

While at Redmonk, Berkholz followed trends in software development, data science and DevOps, with a particular focus on data-driven approaches to industry analysis. Berkholz also spent more than a decade as an open-source developer on Gentoo Linux, and served as a Research Fellow at the Mayo Clinic and a writer for LWN.net.

Holding a Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Biophysics from Oregon State University, Berkholz received a BS in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and a BA in Chemistry, with a Journalism minor, from the University of Richmond.

Don’t miss out on this and other perspectives that you’ll only find at CloudNativeDay.