Over the next several months, CNCF will host and speak at a number of industry events including ContainerCon Japan, CloudNativeDay, PromCon, Software Circus, CloudNativeCon, KubeCon, and PrometheusDay.

These conferences will provide sessions on furthering the adoption of cloud native computing; with particular focus on central orchestration processing, cloud native monitoring, container-centric infrastructure, and microservices.

Hope to see you there!

ContainerCon Japan 2016

ContainerCon Japan, held from July 13-15 in Tokyo, Japan, will bring together a unique blend of core developers, administrators, users, community managers and industry experts. Chris Aniszczyk, COO of CNCF, will be giving a keynote on Cloud Native and Container Technology.

The Cloud Native Track, which CNCF helped curate, will feature sessions from Ian Lewis of Google, Fabian Reinartz of CoreOS, Satoshi Tagomori and Masahiro Nakagawa of TreasureData, and Hiroyuki Kamezawa of Fujitsu.

Additionally, CNCF member Fujitsu will lead several sessions during the conference including: Container Standardization Introduction, Learning From Real Practice of Providing Highly Available Hybrid Cloud Service with OpenStack Neutron, Btrfs in-Band De-Duplication, and Address Range Memory Mirroring.


The inaugural CloudNativeDay, a CNCF event, will bring together leading contributors in cloud native infrastructure and computing, containers, microservices, central orchestration processing, and related projects. By co-locating with ContainerCon, CloudNativeDay will provide a platform for showcasing a full range of technologies that support the cloud native ecosystem and leading expert discussion on cloud native projects. This event will be held in Toronto on Thursday, August 25 and the full speaker lineup can be found here.

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with upstream developers and operations experts, ranging from hobbyists to startup CTOs, from corporate developers to language designers to senior technology executives from all over the world. Read here to learn more about sponsoring the event and here to register to attend the event.

Equal access and diversity are important to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which is why we are offering three scholarships to attend CloudNativeDay. Visit http://bit.ly/2958nFA to learn more about the scholarship and apply.


Organized by the Prometheus developer community, this event will connect Prometheus users and developers from around the world in order to exchange knowledge, best practices, and experience gained around using the open source monitoring system.

PromCon will also enable collaboration with an intimate crowd of experienced and influential infrastructure engineers committed to building the community and growing professional connections around systems and service monitoring.

CNCF is proud to be a Platinum sponsor, alongside fellow sponsors Robust Perception, Weaveworks, CoreOS, Google Cloud Platform, and more. The lineup of speakers is now live and features talks from DigitalOcean, Weaveworks, Improbable, CoreOS, SoundCloud, Rancher Labs, Joyent, and more.

This event is fully sold out, but there is a waiting list and tickets will be issued over the coming weeks. Additionally, all talks will be recorded and will be published after the event.

Software Circus

This show will take attendees “To the Cloud and Beyond” with two whole days centered around cloud native computing! Software Circus, an initiative of Implicit-Explicit and Container Solutions, started as a meetup group with a mission to tackle the social aspects of technology, the bleeding edges and people’s experience.

CNCF is proud to sponsor the infamously fun conference – with a focus on learning, inspiring and entertaining – which has grown to include workshops and two days of sessions, equipped with dancing, robots and drones.

The call for papers closes on July 31st, and if the show is anything like last year’s event we can expect lively sessions discussing the basics of working with Docker, the fundamental concepts and ideas behind containers, workshops on continuous delivery with Docker on Mesos, and tutorials on using Prometheus for metrics collection, monitoring and alerting in a microservice environment.


This much-anticipated event – hosted by the CNCF community – will gather leading technologists from multiple open source cloud native communities to further the education and advancement of cloud native computing. KubeCon and PrometheusDay will also be co-located with the event.

Featuring a multi-track, multi-day event dedicated to cloud native education in Seattle from November 8-9, CloudNativeCon is still accepting speaking proposals through Aug. 5!

Make sure to head here to learn more about sponsoring the event and here to register to attend the event.


Co-located with CloudNativeCon, the long-time community favorite, KubeCon, will gather leading Kubernetes technologists in Seattle from multiple open source cloud native communities to further the education and advancement of container technologies, Kubernetes, and cloud native architectures.

Since being donated to CNCF, KubeCon organizers anticipate approximately 1,500 attendees at this year’s event.

Just like CloudNativeCon, KubeCon is still accepting speaking proposals. Head here to submit a talk by August 5 if you’d like to become a speaker! More information on sponsorship and registration is available online.


We’ll also be celebrating our second incubated project at PrometheusDay on November 8-9!

This event, co-located with CloudNativeCon, will feature highly technical talks covering major Prometheus adopters, leading expert contributor insights, and a full range of technologies that support open source monitoring technology in the cloud native ecosystem.

To attend, register for CloudNativeCon and add PrometheusDay to your conference pass as part of your registration for no additional charge.

Just like CloudNativeCon and KubeCon, PrometheusDay is still accepting speaking proposals! Head here to submit a talk by August 5 if you’d like to become a presenter.

ContainerCon Europe

Held at the world-famous InterContinental Berlin in Germany, this year’s ContainerCon Europe will gather leading contributors in Linux containers, the Linux kernel, and related projects to forge a path to continued innovation and education – and, most importantly, will feature a Cloud Native track!

Co-located with LinuxCon Europe on October 4-6, ContainerCon Europe will bring together a diverse range of experts from cloud computing and Linux containers.

Since one registration fee covers both events, attendees interested in a variety of topics can choose from 100+ combined sessions!

Make sure to head here to learn more about sponsoring the event and here to register to attend this exciting event.