In one world, the cloud native approach is redefining how applications are architected, throwing many traditional assumptions out of the window. In the other world, traditional security teams ensure projects in the enterprise meet a rigid set of security rules in order to proceed. What happens when these two worlds collide?

At CloudNativeDay on August 25th in Toronto you’ll learn what the world looks like after that collision. Apprenda Senior Director Joseph Jacks, Box Sight Reliable Engineer Michael Ansel, Tigera Founder and CEO Christopher Liljenstolpe join forces to discuss “Whither Security in a Cloud-Native World?”

A little about our panelists

  • Co-founder of Kismatic, the enterprise Kubernetes company recently acquired by Apprenda, Jacks has spent his career driving corporate product, strategy and marketing initiatives for companies like Mesosphere, Enstratius Networks (acquired by Dell Software), TIBCO and Talend. He also founded and chairs KubeCon, the Kubernetes community conference donated to CNCF.
  • With a strong background in system architecture, Ansel is currently a sight reliable engineer at BOX and has previously developed high-visibility converged infrastructure solutions for NetApp. He also held System Administrator and Web Development positions with, Duke University, RSSS, and
  • The former Director of Solutions Architecture for the Metaswitch Networking Business Unit, Liljenstolpe is the founder and CEO of Tigera and the lead architect and evangelist for Project Calico. He has held advisor and architect positions with Annai Systems, Big Switch Networks, Telstra, and Woven Systems.

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