Pioneering GitOps project has seen 400% growth in the last 12 months

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®), which builds sustainable ecosystems for cloud native software, announced that the Flux project has graduated. Flux is a set of continuous and progressive delivery solutions for Kubernetes that are open and extensible, enabling GitOps and progressive delivery for developers and infrastructure teams. It is the 18th CNCF project to graduate. 

Flux is multitenant, multicluster, and multicloud, and natively supports Kustomize, Helm, and HashiCorp Vault. Global corporations including Volvo, SAP, and RingCentral rely on Flux’s enterprise-level security and scale, including its support of Open Container Initiative (OCI) and Cosign for verification. Similarly, providers like AWS, D2iQ, Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware, and Weaveworks trust Flux to deliver GitOps to their own enterprise customers. 

“Flux has been an exciting project to watch as GitOps becomes mainstream,” said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO, Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “Flux users have not only adopted advanced uses of GitOps and progressive delivery, but they have done so together with key projects in the CNCF landscape like Flagger, Helm, Prometheus, and more. Flux’s graduation is a good indicator of the success and promise of cloud native technologies.”

Since joining the CNCF Incubator in March 2021, Flux and its subproject, Flagger’s commitment to governance and an inclusive community has resulted in a 200-500% growth of its user base, integrations, software usage, user engagement, contributions, and more.

“I feel humbled and honored to be part of the Flux and Flagger team for the past five years. With the help of our community, we have come a long way since Flux’s inception and the start of the GitOps movement,” Stefan Prodan, Flux maintainer, Flagger creator, and Principal Engineer at Weaveworks. “Today, Flux is an established continuous delivery solution for Kubernetes, trusted and backed by organizations around the world. The Flux team is very grateful to the cloud native community and CNCF who supported us over the years and made Flux what it is today.”

“D2iQ chose Flux to add GitOps to the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) for the benefit of our customers. Our customers are enjoying the advantages that GitOps provides for simplifying the management of their applications and infrastructure, and Flux’s graduation in the CNCF is further proof of the significant value it brings to Kubernetes deployments. Flux’s design and security are robust, and it delivers key functionality that enables DKP customers to more easily manage applications and clusters across an entire fleet.” – Dan Ciruli, Vice President, Product, D2iQ

“With different open source communities collaborating, there are substantial benefits for many. Thanks to Flux, our Gardener community now can automate their Kubernetes workflows with true GitOps.” – Frank Heine, Development Senior Manager, SAP and Vasu Chandrasekhara, VP Cloud Native Strategy, Chief Architect at SAP and CNCF Governing Board Representative

“With OCM and Flux, our users will be able to subscribe to GitOps enabled localized packages which are (continuously) deployable even in air-gapped environments,” said Vasu Chandrasekhara, VP Cloud Native Strategy, Chief Architect at SAP and CNCF Governing Board Representative. “Flux is the crucial framework and standard which is needed to enable even such use cases” 

“As enterprise users of both Flux and Flagger, we have reaped the benefits of how Flux makes Kubernetes easier to use for platform teams, and how Flux and Flagger make GitOps safer to adopt for developers.” – Ivan Anisimov, Director of Engineering, RingCentral

“At J. B. Hunt, Flagger is an essential part of allowing our devs to deploy more rapidly than our regular schedule,” said Daniel Trimble, Master Software Engineer, J.B. Hunt. “Flagger’s progressive delivery helps us provide reliability to business-critical apps for our customers. We’ve also already started using Flux’s OCI capabilities and are excited about Flux’s graduation and its continued success beyond.”

The Flux community is collaborating to get Flux to GA, continue to build core features, build more integrations, and provide the best community support together. The community is particularly excited about Flux’s extensibility, which allows for swift development of popular integrations such as with Terraform and Visual Studio Code. 

To officially graduate from incubating status, Flux demonstrated advanced security, rapidly growing adoption, an open governance process, and impressive design. The project also received a Core Infrastructure Initiative Best Practices Badge and went through a third-party security review last year with auditors stating that “we found many positive elements in that the developers have clearly spent efforts in security-relevant considerations.”

If you want to celebrate with Flux or are now more curious about the project, you are welcome to join the Flux Graduation Ask-Us-Anything sessions:

A number of Flux maintainers will be there to answer questions and are looking forward to connecting!

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